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#NoSDPower Personal Experience

So you guys probably heard about the news of San Diego and other areas of SouCal, Arizona and Mexico losing power. Shadow Remix and I were two of those affected...and we live on a base! So here's what happened for us:

About a quarter to 4 PST, I was on the computer, with Shadow Remix sitting behind me, when the power first went out. Well, we thought the base had planned an outage for some sort of maintenance or sommat.

We sat there for a bit, with the balcony door open. I swore I heard traffic cop whistles in the far distance. Wait, why were cops are directing traffic? Did they shut off the lights as well?

After about 30 minutes, the lights had not come back on, and something told me to check the news on my phone. So I did, and found out that apparently the whole city and parts beyond were without electric. Also heard the problem started in Yuma, AZ, where my father in law lives, so we tried calling him. Couldn't get through so we figured his power was out. He also lives on a base.

My husband and I live in a large apartment complex on base, 3 19-story buildings surrounding the front lawn in a horseshoe. Well some of the residents here, many trapped outside their rooms because the locks are all electronic, got together and put on a game of flag football. Many of us with balconies facing the lawn, like us, sat out and actually watched the game, whooping it up and hollering and having fun.

When the sun went down, many of the guys pulled out their high powered lights and laser pointers and just shone them on the buildings and the lawn, having a good ol light show, whooping it up and hollering at one another, just entertaining ourselves! We would even yell out to other barracks across the street from us.

We also got a prime view of downtown San Diego from our room and it was eerie seeing downtown with no lights.

It was finally about 1:15 AM PST before our area got lights back. Many people started whooping and hollering outside when that happened, everyone happy. I looked out and saw that downtown got some of their lights back as well.
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Added: 7 years, 9 months ago
7 years, 9 months ago
What, no backup power system for the base, your building, or even just the door lock system?
7 years, 9 months ago
It's stupid, I know. But I think any backup power may of been going to the docks. Living quarters aren't exactly THE most important area on the base.
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