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MFM 2011 Report and News

MFM 2011 is now over had a GREAT time.  No huge problems packing up and traveling to Olive Branch Mississippi.  Once there my mate Emira had to go attend MFM staff meeting.  Yes I did say STAFF MEETING As Emira and myself were the Assistant Volunteer Coordinators for the MFM 2011 Convention working under Rukario.  We learned that Rukario himself was having car problems mainly a flat tire and was going to be a little late arriving we had unpacked gathered materials and started to set up our Dealers tables.

     We find out while working on things that Rukario had more car problems the Alternator went out and he apologizes for not being there.  we figured no problem we have it handled for the most part.  We mainly sat in the dealers room working and conducting business in the usual laid back but strongly professional manner.  We conversed with some great friends that we unfortunately dont have a lot of contact with except the convention.  Thursday became Friday and that evening at Opening ceremonies Tyger Cowboy announced that we were part of the new staff for 2011.  It was a lot of fun we kept working as we could.  

   Sales went very well in the dealers room all Friday and Saturday even picking up several commissions to make unfortunately due to room space and time only one was finished at the convention the rest I have to complete for their owners ASAP.  We went to Osaka Japanese Hibachi and Sushi restaurant to eat with several friends I made sure to wear my custom made Hakama and Ronin Samurai top with me just for the hell of it.  We had a great meal there and the staff there LOVED us coming in.  Myself and Tamara Rose had ZERO problems there with our service dogs.

   We did unfortunately on Saturday night - Sunday have a serious issue with a con attendee who had a large lab mix dog.  I learned of it when a friend of ours named Savahaa and her service dog Sunny encountered it and it was highly aggressive towards them without being provoked.  I kept a eye out and as I took my service dog Sephiroth outside the dog lunged trying to attack mine thankfully the owner and another person could keep it restrained however sadly the owner was trying to distract it with treats.  She was unknowingly giving praise to the animal for that bad behavior.  

   I kept Sephiroth in line and reported it to our security staff who Sunday asked the Lab owner to step inside seeing the owner and their dogs reactions of KNOWING it was aggressive towards other dogs gave them more proof to have a word with her should something happen.  Later the same evening during ice cream social a attendee watched her have to strike the animal with her wooden cane to keep it in control.  

   Closing ceremonies came around and staff was introduced again and thanked for the work we put in announcements went on that we have staff members retiring to be attendees now.  We all said our farewells but New staff like Emira and myself along with several others were called forth in front of EVERYONE to be known as new staff members for 2012's MFM Emira was leaving the volunteer crew and moving up to be the Art Track Director.  a major jump up the ladder now that RC Rabbitsfoot was stepping down.  

  I will return as number 2 Volunteer Coordinator working under Rukario and a 3rd under him slot open for whomever wishes to step up and sacrifice some time to better the convention and make things smoother for everyone.

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