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Various Writing Projects

I've been working on quite a few different stories.  I finish a chapter of one, and then have an idea burbling over for a different story, so I try to get the basic idea down while it's fresh.  I have the next parts of several stories "written" in my head, I just need to find the time to get them down.  I've also been trying to learn some basic HTML and CSS so that I can post the stories at ASSTR.org.

If you've read The Runaway Cat-Girl, you know the kind of writing I do:
Consensual, even loving sex between an adult male and (usually) a loli (underage) female, maybe with an adult female thrown into the mix.

The Runaway Cat-Girl was my first furry story, although my tribulations with HTML and CSS led to a cat-girl/human story told in first person, that I'll hopefully finish soon.  I'll have to post it (and all of my other stories) to ASSTR.org, since there is a "no sex with humans" rule here.

A Father on Trial - The story of a man accused of unthinkable acts - Mg - 3 chapters so far (only 1-2 more to go)
Loli-Ville - MFfg+ - A town where ANYTHING can (and does) happen! - only one chapter, but with 2-3 more chapters planned, plus the possibility of other stories in the universe (even from other authors)
Pleasant Coding Interruption Mf - the cat-girl/human story - probably just 1 chapter (not complete)
Surviving the End - MFgg - A post-apocalyptic tale - 6 chapters so far, at least 1-2 more planned
That Outdoorsy Smell - MF (no lolis) - Cleaning up after camping for a year - probably 1-2 chapters only.
The Accidental Brat - MFg - A girl doesn't like being hyper - 1 long chapter complete, maybe 1-2 more
The Runaway Cat-Girl - Mf - Parts 1 and 2 posted here, part 3 will wrap it up (for now)

Then, I've got another 8 basic ideas I want to take care of (including something that might be a good furry story, probably adult characters only), but I want to finish some of the stories listed above first.

EDIT:  Whoops, I called it The Runaway Slave-Girl instead of The Runaway Cat-Girl!  It was late when I typed this journal! heh
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Added: 7 years, 5 months ago
7 years, 5 months ago
I loved your Runaway Cat-Girl story. Please let me know when you start posting your other sories on ASSTR.org so I can read them too. Have you heard of a site called hentai-foundry.com they don't care about cub, loli, or human-furry content and you don't need know html to post stories there.
7 years, 5 months ago
I took a look at it, the search seemed clunky for some reason.  I've got so many sites I'm juggling now that I probably won't add another one.  I may think about joining it later once I've got some of this other stuff figured out.

If  you're a member at littleangelshentai.net, I posted the first six chapters of "Surviving the End" over there in the stories board.  I've just about figured out how to post a story properly at asstr.org - it looks like I have to do it three ways!  1. As a web page (optional, but it lets me format it), 2. To the FTP area (also optional, but evidently a lot of readers like to download the files from FTP,) and 3. As a posting to the alt.sex.stories.moderated newsgroup (I have to send a text email for that.)  The last option seems to be required if I want the search engine to be able to find the story.

I kind of want to actually finish a story before I put it up at ASSTR, as well :p
Priority - Finish: Pleasant Code Interruption (it's only going to be a single chapter), then the last chapter of The Runaway Cat-Girl, then A Father on Trial.  After that, Surviving the End will come next, but it may have several chapters to go.
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