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never coming back so stop thinking i will

some people keep trying to friend me or watch me, this account an is dead an the fandom is dead to me, as people keep treating me like a peice of shit that the can do what ever they want to an cause of that you people just say get over it, its not that big of deal, your just trying to get attention. -,- so if ya gonna say something like that then ya are a fucking moron.
how can i get over being treated like shit over an over again when i trys my best to treat others nicely an with the same respect as they show me.
not a big deal, how about ya get treated the same way as i have for 8 months straight an see if ya have the same out look on anyhing as ya did before.
trying to get attention, oh lordy yes im trying to get all your attention, -,- ya dont have to read the journal ya jackasses, didnt say READ THIS JOURNAL NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thought i could return after afew months after i clear my head an some of the morons who hate me cause of people who are pissed off at me gone an spread lies an rumors about me but oh who gives a fuck anymore as i been talking to afew "friends" well thought i could call them that but after leaving the fandom they shown there true colors, as they never really cared about me only the art i got or art i get or color for them. so was just a tool for them but when i had no use they had no reason to pretend to be my friend.

some people stayied my friend even tho i wasnt part of the fandom but they either kept wanting me to return an kept insisting tho never understanding the pain i gone through or just not giving a dam about how i feel. an those who only really wanted me back so they could get stuff out of me or think that after having enough of being treated like shit they think its the right time to try to fix problems between us -,- oh wow thinking that if im greatly depressed i forget about all they done to me, hell no  if ya couldnt man up bebore i was greatly depressed why would i even think about forgiving ya now
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Added: 7 years, 4 months ago
7 years, 4 months ago
You know what? >< I tried to help you, but it seems you won't listen. Go away!
7 years, 4 months ago
ya cant help someone by telling them come back to a place were they were treated badily, ya never understood how i felt an never tried to understand but ya will never understand as people like ya cause ya commission people alot well did an so ya have more worth to people an treated like a normal person besides the people who hate ya cause of neer.

i took the time to understand your problems an my thoughts an about ya never changed but since ya cant get me to be happy or try to forget about all the stuff that has been making me depressed isnt possible. so since i wont accept your help ya gonna go an act like all the other people an treat me like im a worthless pile of shit
7 years, 4 months ago
Cry me a river. And please leave the fandom for good this time
7 years, 4 months ago
i dont know who the fuck ya are mr random troller, ya not gonna be able to break me plus this message wasnt directed at ya as you have no past with me therefore dont know a single thing about what has happened to me so how about ya get up off ya fat ass, clean out the junk food crumbs from ya fat rolls an stop trying to make everyone ya see show some emotion feel bad about themselves
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