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Pretty much, I'm cleaning house around here.

Some idiot Admin from FA dismantled one of my better Flash loops on grounds of Fair Use Violation.

Story here: https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/1647131/

That raised a red flag for me. Maybe it was just a temporary power-trip sort of thing, but if it happened once, chances are it can happen again.

Therefore, I'm taking some of my more cherished pieces from FA and also putting them here. This is not only my promotion platform, but a second art dump, akin to a VCL of sorts.

To anyone reading this, I do not intend to make money on the stuff I post there on FA and the stuff I post here on IB (except for my stories, because those I would love to sell and make something of my work; that is my central focus). Otherwise, everything else is purely for fun, doodling, and general art dumping. Nothing more.

And yes, I play with Fair Use. I give credit where credit is due, I tend to parody, I'm not making money on the product and calling it mine, etc. If this is still a problem, whether it's now or I become a household name in erotica, then by all means I'm willing to take it down and put it elsewhere.

I'm not leaving FA though, because there is a lot of traffic there, but I'm really beginning to feel strongly for InkBunny as my new promotion platform for my stories. I just hope for the best.

Speaking of which...

Now that I finished loading up to my latest Flashes, and soon my images, I will soon resume writing my stories (because all I have been doing is putting together SOMETHING of a solid platform). I will also seek to post them at places, such as but not only, Literotica.

If I have at least 20 stories down, and I get a dope-ass following with all of this, I just might consider approaching publishers if I still can't find the right place to self-publish full-size books.

It still ticks me off that Lulu ban-hammered that other Furry from writing his porn. I want their saddle-stitch publishing for my short stories, but if they did it to him, they'd do it to me too. It's just stupid that they actually have Erotica on there that they haven't taken down.

CreateSpace I've considered, but I'm still peeling around for their rules on Erotica.

Other than that, let's see what I can get done 'round here...
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Added: 8 years, 5 months ago
8 years, 5 months ago
I'm sure you could ask for clarification about your flash being removed from FA, or contest the decision. They have to have a big admin staff and it's very hard to make sure all the decisions are right and consistent when you have lots of admins. It seems odd to remove that loop when they allow all your others, and so many other similar flash loops on the site!

There are places that will print on demand works that take just a bit more organising than Lulu, but will allow (most) porn. One that at least got back to me with quotes when I was looking around is http://legion-bhm.com/pb/wp_53d6eab8/wp_53d6eab8.html

Even though they don't have it listed on their site, they will print books and comics.

It'd be worth asking them for quotes I think! Although I have only heard of them now and then in connection with furry prints and publishing. I have never not heard anything bad but I have also never seen the quality of their finished product. But hopefully it's a good starting place!

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