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I wanna cosplay

While I was laying down in the sweltering heat (aka 85 f) I got this crazy thought that I could cosplay as Makise Kurisu from Steins Gate.

But with most cosplays I feel kinda weird doing cause...none of them are black owo; (I mean none of the ones I wanna cosplay)
and I am.
And i'm soo unselfconscious that when I do happen to step foot into a con cosplaying I feel like everyones looking me and thinking "doesnt she know *insert name here* is white (asian/not black)"
Which i've only done it once as Orihime, but still, the voices in my head are telling me no!

I feel more confident about this one though owo
for not anyways lol

;;3; I should just cosplay as Yoruichi then everyone would be like "oh cool cosplay!"

So do you cosplay?
what do you think about when you see someone cosplaying "out of color" (I dont know how to put it lol)  

o3o well now that the sun is down I better work on commissions lol
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Added: 7 years ago
7 years ago
Trust me, I've seen black cosplays before, and they were great.  Black Inuyasha had abdominals up to yee-haw, and was more convincing than any white guy doing the same thing.

Anyone who knows what you're trying to portray will recognize you immediately.

I cosplayed as Frank West once, damn that was great.
7 years ago
does make me feel a bit better :3 for now...

googled Frank West (cause I was like who?), i'm sure it was an epic cosplay :3

unrelated but, I trying to place where I saw that face from in your icon.
and now I remember and cant stop chuckling everytime I look at him lol
7 years ago
Went as Sesshomaru one time. Worked out fairly well, too. In cosplay and gaming, race matters not. as long as you enjoy yourself and look like who you  wanna look like (play as u wanna play), its all good. Just have fun, and everyone wins!
7 years ago
my friend said something similar
and it helps me for the moment.
I just have an issue that i'm slowly working on lol
7 years ago
Hey, diligence pays off. Glad you have it under control though. Kepp up the good ork!
7 years ago
Why not? I mean, I've always thought it was all about the outfit, not the person wearing it. I've seen old, fat, ugly, bearded white dudes cosplaying petite Japanese chicks in every con I've been to, so why the hell can't cute black chicks? At the very least you'll have gender and beardiness right, and maybe age and bodyshape, too.

Though it might be more amusing for you to just go completely balls-to-the-wall WRONG on every count as the hairy white guys do, and play as Happosai or something :P

[disclaimer: I'm an old, fat, ugly, bearded white dude, but have never cosplayed or fursuited at a con. Yet! :P]
7 years ago
lol for some odd reason I wanna dress my cat up as Happosai now XD

7 years ago
Yes! With a panty mask and a li'l baggie of mini-panties on his back! That would be SO cool.

I'm eyeing my own cat now, and he's glaring at me balefully. How does he know what I'm thinking? Fine.for that, he can be Ryouga.
7 years ago
85f id kill for that its been 100+ here for two months x.x
7 years ago
O.o how are you still alive!
I can even be productive unless its like 80 or lower, and the suns down lol
7 years ago
I have a similar problem...I'm slightly overweight...not badly so, but bad enough that I try to cosplay in my body type...but honestly...I think (and try to remind myself) that the only problems are when the costume is badly made...and that can still be forgiven...but honestly nothing helps until you're in the con having too much fun to think about your costume...
7 years ago
I also have this problem, I think I subconsciously try to cosplay characters that arent running around but half naked lol
maybe if I was 120lbs but thats not the case, so i'll stay cover up for the most part XD

and soo very true
by the time i'm walking around the con, i'm more worried about how empty my wallets become owo;
7 years ago
I myself have never cosplayed because i know of no anime person i could pull off. myth busters maybe ( this is me http://www.angelfire.com/tv/toonsgravedigga/Pic01.JPG )

I say you should do it skin color isn't the most importain thing. as long as you can do the outfit right you'll be good. cosplaying is suppose to be fun just do it and enjoy yourself.
7 years ago
First, I wanted to say that think you're pretty. ^_^

Second, skin color doesn't matter when it comes to cosplay from what I've seen. As long as you get the clothing and attitude right then it's all good. =3 I've seen some fursuiters cosplay their fursuits. =O Was fun to see. ^_^ (but I have no idea what characters they were trying to be, hehe)
7 years ago
when this happens i want pics! you got a cute face...you can't fail
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