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PartyHole® Portal-Cockring-Gloryhole Gift Swap! Sign up Now!

So the last couple gift swaps never really went off the ground, though I am incredibly grateful for those who signed up for them.

This is going to be a different format for those things.

It's going to be open ended, meaning that it is equivalently not going to be a swap, as much as a posting ground for people to connect and potentially make gifts for each other.

If you aren't an artist or an author? You can still participate, and potentially get a free pic or story based on your character.

If you ARE an author or artist, you are more than welcome to participate - if you wish to! This is a completely voluntary process, however - if you do not sign yourself up to be part of it (or a character you'd like to see use it)

How it works:
There is one form, currently ready for people to sign up ((click here to do so!)) that represents a registration form that accompanies a PartyHole® brand portal-cockring-glory hole that characters receive in the mail. Fill it out if you like the idea of your character sticking their cock through a portal, and having no idea where it's going to come out.

If you don't know how the idea works, think of it as one of those telephone 'party lines' from back in the 70s. Basically, all of these portals all join a source network, and on the other end of it is a series of destinations. These destinations can be anywhere in the world(s), and anyone can be on the other side. A ladies only dance club in Amsterdam? A biker bar in Texas? An unethical restaurant in New York? A dairy milking barn in Toronto? Etc etc etc. Obviously the first business that would make big money off of such technology would use it to let guys get off around the world.

There are specific levels of destinations for this; pink, red, and purple.

PINK levels are for those who like the idea of an anonymous encounter, without the risk of pain or damage. Use these if you are interested in simple, vanilla fun.

RED is Kinky things - slapping, pain, CBT, milking, bondage, etc - this is more adult things, but not permanent damage. All of these things would still be legal.

PIURPLE - is completely unmoderated and ANYTHING can happen. If you are a Charn Fan - you will want this level. ;)

I really hope that people who are not necessarily into the things I traditionally write about would sign up for it, and maybe they'll be surprised. Please feel free to share this around.

Link to sign up is sign up?
((click here to do so!)
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