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A Fellow Homeless Fur In Need

Hello Everyone. I am writing this journal in hopes to help a fellow fur out in a very nasty situation that he didn't put himself in. If any of you know who thetheguy1 is on FA, you probably may know the story but for those of you who doesn't know what's going on, let me give you the full story.

Revas was kicked out of his home by his mother for reasons that are not even his fault from the start. His mother was way too strict on him and unfortunately led to him being kicked out and was forced to live with his abusive father. He eventually had to leave his father and has lived in hotels to keep himself off of the streets, but he eventually ran out of money and was homeless for a while until someone was kind enough to bring him in in another state. After traveling for a long way to be taken in by this person he finally had a place to stay only to been treated like garbage and sleeping under the person's bed. Someone else wanted to take him in but only to have been turned down sadly. Because he had to hide in the person's house, if he was caught then he will be homeless for good once again. He begged for his mother to take him back in but only to be abandoned by his family for good. Even his brothers, who wanted to help, couldn't do anything sadly to say because if they try to, their mother would be very upset and kick them out as well for helping Revas out to get off the streets.

Unfortunately Revas got caught but explained everything to the parent of the person who took him in of why he stayed and now has one week to stay and he will be homeless for good. But someone in another state is more than willing to take Revas in and that's Reva's only chance for him to stay off the streets, but if he's kicked out a week from now he will be homeless. The person who he is currently staying with gave him that time and I do not want to see Revas homeless again for good. He is now trying to raise money to get a bus ticket for him to be taken in by someone else who wants to take him in to keep him off the streets. He needs a total of $150 for the ticket and I am hoping that by writhing this. If anyone out there wishes to donate any amount to him, here is his paypal address: iwbtg2009[at]live.com

If you are unable to donate I can understand, but you can do is that you can copy and paste every word in this journal and post it in your journal and spread the word and tell others to do the same. Thank You cause every cent counts towards him.
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Added: 7 years, 9 months ago
7 years, 9 months ago
*hugs* Thanks for spreading the word. :-)
7 years, 9 months ago
Ish this guy sabre or Revas? I'm a lil confused :o
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