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MLP:FIM, Cub porn, and why InkBunny is better even though I don't care for the series

No body asked, but I thought I'd trhow in my two-cents.

Pony Porn.. or really, MLP:FiM Pony Porn...

Seems like there's a raging argument over on FA about the thing.

It delights me to no end, but in this respect, I believe that all the MLP characters, save for the few exceptions of Granny Smith, Big Mac, and the Princesses (amongst others) are children.

Why do I think this?

Well, animators make characters that children can relate to, and in most cases, that means that the characters are around the age of the intended target audience. And the intended audience of this series is females aged 5 to 16.

Some might argue that the main characters (aside from Spike, who is noted as a 'baby dragon' in episode 1) have jobs and houses, and therefore MUST be adults. I agrue against that because in our world we do have children with jobs (thus why we have 'child labor laws') and there is nothing that prohibits minors from owning property.

In the case of Apple Jack, she works on a family farm. That's not so much a job as it's her heritage and it's expected of her. And Rainbow Dash has the 'job' of keeping the skies clear, but what is she paid in? And it seems more of a voluntary position anyway. Not like she has a boss. And Fluttershy's work with animals seems more like it's a hobby than a way of life for her. I'm not sure you could even claim the characters have 'jobs.' The just have roles to fill in order to make them more anthropormorphic.

Which is an interesting piece of contention as well. Some people are claiming that because the characters in the series are quadrupedal, they are automatically "feral." Interestingly enough, that's really not the case. See, feral is an adjective meaning "of or pertaining to a state of untamedness, wild, undomesticated." And anthropomorphic means "designating human-like characteristics to a non-human entity or object."

What does that mean?

Well, a pony that has the ability to talk, sing, read books, and wear clothing, even it it walks on four legs, has human characteristics. This makes the character anthropomorphic.

So why is this an issue? Well, individuals allege that a "no-cub policy" on FA does not apply to "ferals" and that "feral" must mean more animal-like even though such characters can talk  and are depicted with human emotions.

Of course, fans of the series haven't any need to worry about such trivialities here on InkBunny. You can post as much of that stuff as you want. Art is art. It's not real. So if you want to post a pic of Rarity jilling with a big dildo, you can do that.
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Added: 7 years, 11 months ago
7 years, 11 months ago
Years ago there was a simple rule on furry art and furry porn sites.  "Don't search for stuff you don't want to see".  Now on FA it seems they want to protect some intolerant users from any chance of encountering things they object to...while placing no responsibility on the part of said user.  

So f#ck that.  If someone doesn't like MLP porn then all they have to do is not go look for it.  We're literally asking people to DO NOTHING and having them respond that that is too much effort.

7 years, 11 months ago
Actually, I hate MLP:FIM it's trash animation. But I beliebe that oif people like it, they shoudl enjoy it.

Though, it woudl be nice if FA have a filtering system like IB does. I take great joy knowing I don't have to look at Pinky Pie getting pegged by Rainbow Dash.
7 years, 11 months ago
I am not interested in MLP so don't look.  What pisses me off about MLP is the fans trying to push it on me exactly like drug dealers try to push their product.  If the fans would just mind their own business and stop pushing their addiction on me I would have no issue with MLP at all.
7 years, 11 months ago
FA has far worse problems than intollerance.. I dont care about tollerance, its a stupid ideal anyway. Hate what you hate, love what you love, but my hatred of one thing isnt going to impact the love some one else has for it... or i'm just an asshole :p
7 years, 11 months ago
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