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Music creation software furstrates me.

I like making music, but it seems like it involves a bunch of work just to be able to record it. :l

I tried FL and LMMS (which was originally for Linux and that might explain why it's so technical) but both confused me, there aren't any good tutorials on YouTube for learning FL, and honestly, looking at FL is like opening the hood of a vehicle and learning what all the segments do.

I do not want music composition to feel like working at a fucking car shop, I don't even like cars, or working with machines in general, it's not my thing and it's boring to me, it feels like work.

I like Mariopaint, that's easy, but it has two problems that mean I can never use it to show other people my creations.

A: It doesn't have a sound exporter.

B: It has limitations, namely that the sound quality sucks, and the only soundfont I like sounds like it came from some poorly made DOS game rather than anything remotely close to organic instruments.

The former is the biggest problem. My sound hardware is a bitch and I know nothing about machines, and have no interest in learning. Trying to ask people online about it usually results in "Lol get new hardware", which usually results in me telling them to either pay for it for me or shut the fuck up because I DON'T HAVE THE CASH TO SPEND ON A FUCKING COMPUTER I ALREADY PAID FOR.

That's another thing I hate about computers, you always have to upgrade them. I don't understand how the PC industry works at all, they sell you a $300 machine that apparently does NOTHING at all and you're expected to go out and buy all the parts for it separately, that's like buying a video game and having to shell out money for the actual content. What the fuck is the point of buying a brand new PC if it can't play games, can't run recording software, can barely run Illustrator or Paint Shop, barely has any RAM, and comes with shitty UI devices?

More specifically, what the fuck do people do with a computer if they're not gaming or getting online? I had to buy three different parts so far just so I could play half my library on Steam, let alone stabilize my workspace and now I have to go out and buy new hardware for sound?

I don't even know anything about sound!

It's like the only way for me not to get ripped off by PC companies is to buy the shell and add the parts myself, as in, actually put them in the machine myself! I don't have to do this with gaming consoles or a microwave, why the hell can't PC companies just be honest up-front? It's like the entire industry is full of lying sods that like to sell people faulty machines that won't do anything unless that person puts out more money! Why can't I buy one and have it function without paying over $2,00? I've never had that much money at once in my entire life!

And Virtual Audio Cable didn't work, I looked at the manual and have no idea what it's saying, the control panel is full of settings I don't get, and it seems like it's telling me that it's working if I DON'T hear a sound. That seems counter-productive.

The only thing that records sound is FRAPS but it doesn't record anything but games and I dunno how to get it to record a Mariopaint screen.

And it's incredibly frustrating when NOBODY can tell me what to do, I have tried everything, I've asked people that either ignore me or aren't any help, and I just want someone to give me the answers, at least give me a music program that isn't a headache!

I honestly liked Finale better than FL, it was easy, I clicked on the screen and made notes appear, but I have no music background and the program wouldn't make any sound at all. I dunno why. But I was willing to learn it, I can't even get it to work.

Why does Mariopaint give me sound but nothing else does? Why can't they just work like MPC? It does the same thing (makes sound) but they have to complicate it too much. Why does making music in general involve so much hardware? Artists don't have these problems and music is just art with sound!
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Added: 7 years, 11 months ago
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