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Teaser for a story

Hello everyone, this is my first journal here at IB.

I have been writing a number of erotic stories dealing with humans, and I decided to come up with a furry story that could be posted here.

The following is a brief preview of the story, I hope to have it finished in a few days or so.  It will include explicit cub sex.

The Runaway Cat-Girl

Author's note:
Rufus Marcellinus is what would be called an Eurasian Lynx in our world.  His fur is red-tinged, with spots covering most of his body.  He has black tufts on his ears, and his muzzle has white around his mouth.  The United Brettovian Empire has many intelligent species (including human), all peacefully co-existing (mostly).  They are all bipedal, roughly human-sized, with ages roughly corresponding to human ages, and with dextrous human-like paws.

"You ain't seen a slave girl around here, have you?" asked the scrawny human.  "The little c*** ran away again, and I'll strap her good if I find her!"  The portly Lynx merchant Rufus Marcellinus turned to face the man, his nose wrinkling in distaste.  "I most certainly have not," Rufus sniffed.  "I don't concern myself with the workings of your household.  Now, if you'll excuse me, I believe our business is concluded.  I have a long journey ahead if I hope to get these goods home before dark."  The human growled and turned away, kicking a stack of bags in frustration.  Rufus began directing the workers to load the rest of the goods into his carts, not wanting to give the human another thought.  Already regretting having to do business with the man, Rufus sent a brief prayer to the gods that the slave girl would manage to escape from the distasteful human.  Finishing the loading, Rufus started the long train of goods into motion, choosing to ride with the fourth cart back so that he could observe both ends of the train.
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