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Possible chance for free art and advertising

Yeah, let's see how much attention "free art" can get me.^^
 But don't worry, I'm not playing pranks on you or anything, there really is a CHANCE there might be free art.

 But, first things first:

  kittentits, who is a great artist, is currently open for emergency commissions, offering full colour drawings for as low as 25$. So, if you even got just a little money to spare for some very nice art, head over there, read the recent journal(s), and offer some of your money, it sure is worth it and you also help a nice person. At least, take a look and spread the word.


 Now, are you here for the "free" then?
 So, of course I follow my own advice and got myself at least one commission slot, for support and the great art, just didn't want to miss such an oportunity.
 But well, there always is the "content" question, right?

 So, I want an adult pic, so, involving sex with my fursona. Problem with those ideas is always to find a female partner for such ideas.
 So, I've got the permission to use the the characters of one of my friends for such pics, and I sure love to make use of that, but in the end I'll get plenty of those in the future anyway, so I wouldn't mind some single pics with other characters as well.

 And this is basically the chance of free art, even though I don't really expect any valid replies here, but hey, it's worth a try.^^

 So, if you want, you can get an adult yiff commission with my fursona, done by kittentits, paid by me, no need for you to worry. BUT in fact it's not thaat easy, as I'm a bit picky about the characters, well, just a bit, so here it is:

 - You must have been watching me BEFORE this announcement. I don't want people now suddenly watching me just to grab a pic. In that case, just pay the artist, she's sure worth the money.
 - The character has to be female. No exception on that, sorry.

 and here's the part that's a bit tricky that might actually prevent me from finding people:

 - The character should be a character that you "use" to some degree at least. Be it your fursona, one of the characters you draw or get drawn more or less regularly, your personal mascot or whatever. What I mean with this is: Don't just say "Hey, I've got some female char laying around from sometime when I felt bored" or "Hey, I can quickly create a female char to grab free art" or something like this. I want this to be fun and enjoying for both of us, so I don't wanna be "used" for free art only, I want this to be something we both are happy about.^^

 So, yeah, that's it I guess. Especially due to the last "rule" I see my chances quite thinned out, but in the "worst" case I'll have to use one of my regular partner chars, which I wouldn't mind, but hey, I at least wanted to give it a try to make someone happy.^^

 If you feel this applies to you, drop me a line here, but please don't hate me if I should turn the offer down when I feel your char doesn't comply with the rules.


 So, yeah, no matter what, head over to Kittentits, great artist.^^

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Added: 7 years, 5 months ago
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