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Project has begun

Ok, I'm officialy going to start working on my first Minecraft texture pack... I call it Cubcraft. There will be 4 versions that will have slight differences based off who it's for. Char skins not included.

they are:

Cubcraft White (all genders and will be finished first)

Cubcraft Blue (for boy cubs)

Cubcraft Pink (for girls)

Cubcraft Purple (Trans/Herm)

What I have down for what will be what is:


Bed: Crib
Cake: chocolate cake
book case: childrens shelf and books.
Dirt: Mud unless covered in grass then leave same
Sand: have little toys in it
Snow: baby powder
Wood: Blastic wood
Wood Planks: Plastic wood
Cobblestone: Plastic Cobblestone
Brick: Plastic Brick
Stone: make look rough
Wool: stacked Diapers
Soul Sand: Smily Ghosts
Netherrock: blankies
Glow Stone: Light Bright
TNT: Black Bomb with Bom b ritten on it.
Gravel: Leave same
Chest: Toybox
Note Block/Juke box: Music Box with big note on side
Dispenser: Jack in the Box
Iron Block: Grey ABC Block
Gold Block: Gold ABC Block
Diamond: Green ABC Block
Ores: Wood Block with the letter of the contents on it in the color of the contents.
Torch: Glow stick
Red Stone torch: Rec Glow stick
Ladder: Plastic Ladder, solid block with little indention steps
Cobblestone stairs
Sand Stone: Normal ABC Blocks
Rails: Wood groove rails
Piston: Jack in the Box
Sticky Piston: Jack in the box with playdoe on the top
Cactus into toon cactus.
Stove: Toy Castiron
Craft table: Toy Workbench
Leaf: Jellow
Door: Toy house door
Iron Door: Locker Door.
Trap Door: Smily Face

Chicken: Rubber Ducky
Cow: Word World Cow
Pig: Invader Zim Piggy
Sheep: No eyes, Wearing Diaper
Sheep Fur: covered in fluff except muzzle and hoofs, no eyes.
Creeper: Lego Blocks
Ghast: Smilly Goast
Ghast Fire: Light turns on in mouth.
Pigman: Zim Style Pig
Pig Zombie: Toon Zombie
Saddle: colorful cloth
Skeleton: Lego Skeleton
Spider: Make Smile and color bright pink
squid: Squeaky Toy
Wolf: Make look like puppy
Zombie: Lego Zombie

Misc: Keep Foilage and Grass colors the same, make map look like plastic

Boat: Inflatable
Cart: Wagon
Sign: Chalkboard

Background: use Coblestone
Container: Toybox inside
Crafting: Legos
Furnace: Lunch Box
Change gui into lego blocks
Icons: Hearts in to pacifiers, Armor into diapers, bubbles with little eyes, and a heart shaped cross hairs
Inventory: backpack
Change Items respectivly
Trap: Jack in the box.

Enviornment: Leave same or fill with smily clouds

Armor: bonnet helmet with pacifier, shirt with bib, diaper, booties
Cloth: no trim
Diamond: Green trim
Gold:gold trim
Iron: grey trim
Chain mail: black trim
(White for original, Blue for boys, Pink for girls, Purple for Trans)

Achievement: Lego block icons, etch sketch frame

terrain: Smiling Sun, Sleepy Moon

If you have suggestions for blocks that are unlisted let me know.

Also if people could help create some of these textures I'd be greatfull... It's alot of work so the less I have to do myself the faster it gets done. However the Crib is MINE! hehe.
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Added: 7 years, 9 months ago
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