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Opinions are evil apparently

Apparently having an opinion based on experience and observation is not looked highly upon on FA, especially when it comes to someone with a massive ego.

I posted my opinion on Noblewolf's suits, and how I thought he could be better by basic economics; specialization wins over diversification when you are dealing with high quality products. I also pointed out his customer service problems and the problems with his suits, but because he went whining to the admins, the journal got taken down because it was thought as slanderous because I don't like his work. I pointed out major errors that were experienced not only in my suit, but others as well, but it only got funnier. He even stated that if I didn't like his suits then I didn't like dragons. I have no problems with dragons, but his dragon suits are not excellent, nor are they great, hell, they're not even good. And that's not the only thing. He acts like everyone likes his stuff and that anyone that doesn't is a freak, and anyone that criticizes his fursuits is some kind of affront, so he runs to his "friends" to get them to tell him that everything will be ok and to attack people who don't like his stuff. God! He's the LupineAssassin of fursuit making. It just makes me sick to my stomach sometimes. It's like he tells reality to fuck off, and that everyone loves him for his murrsuits and fursuits. His murrsuits and fursuits are only good when he applies himself, which lately he doesn't ever seem to do. And his biggest problem is that all his suits look like canines, not matter what species they are!

Now I've been accused of being double sided. I'll admit that I hadn't looked up the warranty for LatinVixen in 14 months, and I swear it was longer than 60 days, but that's just me not remembering. I've also heard that Latin uses the cookie cutter style of making suits, just like Noblewolf. Well, the difference is that LatinVixen is GOOD at taking a cookie cutter head and modifying it, Noble isn't.

I could go on and on about how I'm pissed over this because a popufur whined to an admin who liked his stuff, and took down my journal, but I'm really sick of giving Noblewolf more attention, so this is over.
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Added: 8 years, 7 months ago
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