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A Frustrated administrator has gotten pretty well fedup with the constant flow of spam, and has banned a lot of spammers for one year. If anyone who is reading this, are also Admins over there, and believe they should get longer, or permanently banned, please either let me know, or do it yourself.
At this point, I won't argue with it, if you wanna completely ban some of these people permanently.

This is also an invite to come over from time to time, and visit us from time to time.
Not that this site isn't important, I <3 love this site.
This and SF are greater then many others, and I'll not ever be able to say anything bad about IB.
One's more flexible, or should I say easier to understand separating to folders.
But it's also not difficult to understand to place things under (Polls) and listing all (Scat) under the (Polls) for scat.

I am also hoping a certain person is back online soon, because I miss U (Tricksta.)

Thanks Very Much For Reading.
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Added: 7 years, 10 months ago
7 years, 10 months ago
Here I am so tired I first thought this journals was gonna go:

"Apparently, the admin over at X felt so pissed that he banned a lot of spammers for one year. If anyone who is reading this, are also admins over there, AND FIND THEMSELVES BANNED, PLEASE CHECK OUT IB...", meaning the the big guy banned all his admins in a huge rage-ban-quit-rage-spree! XD
7 years, 10 months ago
Just saying, we're both good sites. :D
No, I didn't do no banning of any administrators, just banned a bunch of people posting Spam and Adds. Grrrrrr.
I had so many messages I had to delete, it's not even funny. One star or two, but no more then that.
I believe you muse have like at least 4 to even be a moderator.
I placed up new rules for the Lemons section of the Forums, and I hope it's followed.

Huggles... Fieve.. ;)
7 years, 10 months ago
*now imagines a forum where people fap to lemons*
7 years, 10 months ago
Well that's what's mostly suppose to be on these forums. Comments of how much, or how little people enjoyed them.
And comments of fapping to my stuff, is completely welcome.
What's not welcome.


Penis Enlargement cream, guaranteed lowest prices ever!


Generic Viagra, for much cheaper and guaranteed results!

I don't need pages of crap, advertising to lots of different products.
Currently, I am deleting everything from the (Artist) section of the forums, because it's not what @chiro started it for.
Links to artists, and other subjects relating to art.
People are abusing it for spamming everything but that.
I'm an Admin, I don't gotta leave all this trash sitting around. (Sort To Speak)
I am not banning anyone else at this point, I am just cleaning up their trash posts. They keep doing so, they are more or less suspended for one year. It comes up as Banned for a year, but I look at it more as a suspension.
Going to clean it all up, and then if they abuse it, I'll start doing the one year banning.
If you have any liking to Yaoi - Shota or Lolicon - however it's spelled... come on over. You see, the rules on it are pretty well laxed on FA (Furry Avalon.)

Huggles,, Fieve.. <3
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