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The Weight of a Right

Too many absolutely stupid people love to talk about things they don't understand, say things nobody wants to hear, and speak when they should be silent. Every time, they will always be called out for their idiocy, and they will always play the same weak, empty defense - citing the right to free speech.

Ignoring that this "right" only protects one's "free speech" from federal law, there is the small matter that nobody has to exercise a right just because they have it.

You are not obligated to speak just because you are allowed - There is a fine line between "can" and "should", and the great majority of Internet users are far too blind to see this despite it being glaringly obvious. If you were legally allowed to call a random stranger a stupid bitch to his or her face, it is still unwise to do so.

There are some who do not believe that an advance in technology will crumble civilization. To these people, I must point out that it already has. We have introduced so many machines into our lives that we have lost the people. The moment someone mentions the Internet, everyone laughs at them, and mocks them, and tells them that things that happen on the Internet do not matter.

And that is the very problem. Our modern lives revolve around the Internet, the same medium on which we think "nothing matters". And under this reasoning, there are no repercussions, hence we mock others and we make no effort to be even remotely civil. And once it has become a habit to bitch and whine and be a stupid douche on the Internet, those habits extend into real life - because there is no great difference between talking to someone on a message board or an IM client as there is, say, writing regular mail back and forth to one another.

How can anyone not see this?

Imagine that one was standing in the middle of a room full of people in his underwear. He would not be so likely to shout "MAN I AM CUMMING 15 BUCKETS TO THAT ASS RIGHT NOW!!! FAP FAP FAP" now would he. And if he did, not everyone in the room would reply in similar fashion.

But somehow, by some magical mental blunder, it's a-okee-day to do this stupid shit on the Internet, despite that state meaning absolutely nothing. This is like saying that writing a letter to someone telling them you hope someone murders their family is alright if you do it on blue-tinted paper.

You are still speaking to real people.

You will speak properly.
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Added: 7 years ago
7 years ago
It simply shows that once someone can hide behind a mask, they can show their true colors. They find being jerks to be funny. Something they can't do live. I mean, that's what 4chan is generally made up of. Guys who are too weak to fight bullies at school, so they go online and do it to someone else, to having the same effects and laughing because it isn't 'real' (aka it isn't happening to them). The internet is only 'real' when it IS affecting them, such as getting hacked and stuff. It's illogical behavior that they chose to defend anyways.
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