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I seriously get this feeling...

...that everyone's starting to be out just to make my life a living hell, a ball of depression... I'm so sick of the bullshit I've been putting up with.

Anymore, when I log into F-Chat in the hopes of getting RP or talking to the BFF Mavy? I end up losing a friend. For one dumb reason or another, I always seem to get ignored after a period of time for no apparent reason at ALL, or on trumped-up reasons. Fuck, some people even toy with my emotions when I'm in a super-bad mood...

For fuck's sakes, I've done nothing wrong to deserve the shit I'm forced to put up with anymore! All I want to do is log online, talk to my mates, RP on the Redwall MUCK, and talk to Maverick. But I can't enjoy half of those things for so many fucking reasons... Half of the time, Mavy isn't even ON when I'm on; Devy and I usually have nothing of interest to talk about; Tayla's always being drug away by family to 'socialize' or go to work or that TAFE stuff he goes to, whatever TAFE means.

And IRL, I live with a woman who's fucking forgetful or downright childish and overprotective! She's forgotten that we have to pay the phone bill to keep it on, and the phone is the only way I can keep the internet at the moment! Without that, I can't get online! Not to mention there's periods where she'll call ME names, and if I return-fire, she asks if I think I'm 'being cute' for calling her names. PFFT. She's so fucking mature.

There's points where she seems to think she still controls my life. Me, nineteen going on twenty next month! She tells me what I can and can't do, what I will and won't do, where I can and can't go... For fuck's sakes, I can't even take a fucking dump without her asking where I am anymore! NO fucking privacy! It's hard to even get off anymore without her busting into my room with a stupid grin on her face, asking what I'm doing!

And on the matter of my phone, I am sick and fucking tired of my aunt calling every motherfucking day to bitch and moan about her 'eye problems' which are bullshit, or to just talk about what she and her son ate, how good it tasted, and what she is GOING to eat, and how she expects it to taste! HONESTLY! That woman's fucking twisted! We both know she does it on purpose because she KNOWS I'm online like all the motherfucking time!

I can't even fucking play any of my games anymore! I have no fucking TV due to the cord not giving it any power, and my computer's got a graphics CHIP SET instead of a graphics CARD, so I'm fucking out of luck of playing any of my video games! It's like life is just WANTING me to be bored, or miserable! Why the FUCK can't I just get a lucky break?!
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Added: 7 years, 7 months ago
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