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Wanna write Something

Warning, contains adult references.
If you are a visitor of this site, and are under 18, please do not read this.
I have placed in a request for (Rated) Journals, but all things take time, including good ones.
As a matter a fact, sometimes the best things in life, do take time.
(Scroll Down To Read) I at least tried to keep things a little mild.

This isn't fair, this isn't suppose to happen to me... not me.
I almost always find something I feel like writing about, but I am blank.
Finishing Fievel and Manaphy making love I can get back to.
I fucked up! I had semen splatter which took about 2 or three hours, and accidentally deleted it, so I am too frustrated with myself to work on it for a while.
But should I write a (Miles Tails Solo) which I would really like to get back to.
Should I write something with FievelJ and his adventures.
Should I include scat, or for a change, just have some watersports in it.
I wanna write something having to do with FievelJ and DennyMouse, and them somehow both being 2 or three years old.
But that one, the ideas come from lessor rated stuff, (G).
If mature, only for wet diapers. But I don't believe that actually qualifies as mature anyway.
That's an inspiration from TaviMunk and OzzieKitSkunk.
I would love to see my two characters drawn as twins, in diapers, looking at each other like????
Hmmm. They look almost exactly alike, all besides one is black, one is white.
Message, I am not sure there really is one.
But I seriously wanna write something, and my mind is just at a blank for some reason.

Thanks Much.

Fieve... <3  Huggles.
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Added: 7 years, 8 months ago
7 years, 8 months ago
Recuva can recover deleted files. Hope you haven't cleaned your register.
7 years, 8 months ago
Nono... ;)
I didn't delete the whole file, just that I spent two or three hours working on a semen splatter on Fievel's hat, and then through not realizing it, as I combined some layers, I combined that one as well.
That layer wasn't suppose to be combined with it in the first place, and before I realized what I was erasing, I ended up erasing the splatter that took me a few hours. I had a bunch of semen texture and everything... which I had switched back and forth with ImageReady to work on. I don't like the Blur Tool of CS5, so I'll use PhotoShop 7's ImageReady for that.

I have a Pro Copy of RecoverMyFiles, if I accidentally delete a file.
It'll even recover a quick formatted hard drive, as long as you have someplace to go with all of the recovered files.
Right now though, I need to see about a late dinner... and would like to write something... the only problem is, I don't know what I feel like writing.
I only know that when I write the Tails Solo, he's got a thing about not pooping, because of what RavingRaichu placed up there. He doesn't know why, but he feels bad about having to poop out RavingRaichu's semen.

Huggles... Fieve.. ;)
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