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dos woot!

^.^ Gods...what a busy week.
I snaked a 300ft ethernet cable over the yard, through the wall and into my ceiling.
Tried testing it only to find out my network card was crap (thank you netgear).
Hooked cord directly up to other Vista PC. Couldn't even ping the darn thing.
Realized I made an oopsie, chopped off my end of the cable, swapped the wires into a crossover and crimped it back with a new connector.
Ping worked lol.
Got my new motherboard today, but had no thermal paste.
Tried one local computer store, they just ran out of it, tried another, he closed at 3pm -_-
Then tried radio shack on a suggestion from my mom, bingo they had it lol.
Spent about 3 hours taking apart my compter and putting it all back together again.

This new motherboard runs like a dream! ^.^ I totally love it.
My old mobo would freeze everytime upon booting, I couldn't put it into standby mode either. It was an Asus M3A and had a lot of nice things, but ugg it had some faults with booting, and would "recover" it's BIOS a lot! Doing an update flash was essentially pointless.

I notice with the new board that it boots faster and the video card's fan which would formerly spin forever or at least what seemed like a long time bearly stays in full blast for more that 2 seconds with this new board. Another huge plus - I can actually turn off my computer without fear that it won't boot again...oh my freaking god wow! Windows seems to have a lil more pep in it's step even though I didn't reinstall it, just installed the drivers the board needed.

And thanks to a donation from ToneLove, I'm getting a router in a few days! Weeee!! So gone is the intermittentnet! Hello onallthetimenet!

Also been talking to a few online friends I haven't communicated with since my life felt like it was getting blown to bits. But it's a great feeling knowing everybody's still around, problems get solved with throwing hardware at them, and art ideas are flooding my head more frequently than the past year or two.

A Note:
I know everybody in the freaking world will point out "oh gee, that's not the latest hardware blah blah blah". I do not care, it's not priced out the wazoo, and works smoothy, that's a win in my book. XD
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Added: 7 years, 8 months ago
7 years, 8 months ago
What a great bit of news! ^.^
I'm glad you finally got it all working out.
7 years, 8 months ago
Yaaay!!!  <dances with ya!>  Gotta love new hardware that works!  :-D

In regards to the other bit, I'm here.  Always have been; just wanted to give you some space.  Glad you're doing better, big guy.  Makes me smile.  <hugs tight>  <3
7 years, 8 months ago
Nice to hear things are running smoothly now ^^
7 years, 8 months ago
I too have had horrid experiences with netgear products. Encore is another cheapo brand that makes wifi cards and routers, only they work. x3 And anyone that whines about your hardware not being this years model is a twit. Different people have different needs. Congratulations on the new motherboard. :3
7 years, 8 months ago
Shounds Likes Yous Hads A.... Hopes Yous Shtill HAs Yer Head Fur Aftah Dish. Hee.... =^-^.=
And Likes They Shays.... Mewer Ishnts Always Betters.

Shpecialy Fur Da Wallets.

Shees Yous Shoons.

7 years, 8 months ago
I miss talking to ya :) As short as it was :)
7 years, 8 months ago
I'm so glad that things are going your way, bunny. You deserve it  ^.^
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