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Agenda for 2011 - July to September

Before I go into my usual agenda stuff, I need to take care of some minor updates first. I did indeed hit up ConnectiCon '11. It was only for a day but it was fun to see new faces and old (as well as buy stuff from them). = )

Now, on to the regularly scheduled agenda stuff!
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April to June:
- Gain a script buffer for my webcomic.
Didn't happen. In short, I got to a point where I had to put my strip on hiatus. To be blunt - Biff is supposed to be mostly comedic strip. I have deviated from this very little in the past. It's fun, it's funny and that's how it's supposed to be. Writing for Biff has, as of late, stopped being fun or funny. Instead of forcing myself to be funny - doing massive damage to the strip in the process - I simply chose to put it on hiatus until I can have fun doing it and be funny again. It hurt like hell to do but I'd rather do this than end up like many a good webcomic gone bad.
- Expand my product.
I have made new items. I haven't made anything live yet.
- Get a table for a convention (or at least get my paperwork in order).
Nope. I have the cash. I haven't filled out the paperwork. It's my own fault, too. Nothing screams "Slacker" more than having simple paperwork to fill out and not picking up the pen to do it. -.-
- Continue on my side projects.
With the situation with Biff, this has actually happened a bit more. Ended up working on Fowl Play more than NotL. Deep down, I'd still rather expend energy on comedy than scifi. Considering my love of both, I find it stranger than most. o.O

Aside from some minor work on Fowl Play and having made some cash on a pay job, these past three months are more set backs than I really would like. That said, my game plan remains the same:
Keep Moving Forward and Be More Social

July to September:
- Get back on track with Biff.
I know many other comic folks that never return to their projects when they place them on hiatus. It's akin to saying "I quit but here, have some hope!" I'm not letting this happen to Biff as... well, that project won't let me. It started as a distraction and continues to be one. Just need to take that long break and work on something else. My nature will end up with me working on Biff scripts (and possibly strips) while I hammer away on other things.
- Work on other things.
Be they comics related or otherwise. They only thing I'd prefer is that they lead to making a little bit of cash on the side but this isn't a driving force.
- Expand my products and promote existing wares.
I need to tweak what I got in storage and make it live. I also need to make time to promote all of the existing stuff I have. It's not a small amount, either. It's a fair chunk of products - shirts, posters and whatnot. I need to make it better known and remind folks that it's there.

Let's see if I can get these things done or - for the most part - get the ball rolling on them.

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