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Gone for the Weekend and FREE LINEART -OPEN-

Ok so here is how things will go.
Im going camping with my boyfriend and my father from the 29th to the 31st.
I may or may not have internet connection. So dont expect anything from me. Im really sorry.

On the rare event i do have internet connection:
I will be taking requests to do Hot Male or Female sketches. Much like these ones here: https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=127939

1) they must be a real animal. Nothing you made up like hybrid dragon, gryphon lemur wolf. Fantasy creatures are allowed buy they must be in the generic category: Western Dragon, Eastern dragon, Hypogrif, Gryphon, Phoenix, unicorn, or any variation of Centaurs (Taurs). If you have any questions just ask.
2) There will be 10 slots. First come first serve. If this is popular then I will open up more slots.
3) One Person one slot one a day. That means once you get a slot you have 1 day till you can submit for another slot. (it may not be exact but try your best to wait till the next day to submit another request.
4) No cub, extreme hyper or gore. These are sexy drawing but please understand these will be free to everyone else to color.
5) Know that these drawings are going to end up as FREE LINEARTS for EVERYONE TO USE and color.
6) These will all be feral. No anthro drawings will be but down.
7) I am going to try my best to make the animals atomically correct but please understand that i may not know how all the penises  and vaginas may work and the genitals may not match up to the species of animal.
8) If you have a specific pose in mind feel free to let me know, Just nothing too complicated and if you do  not suggest a pose then i will make up the pose.
9) I am putting this journal up on 3 different art sites (FurAffinity, SoFurry, and InkBunny). Each site will get their own 10 slots. Please do not uses multiple accounts to get an edge on others. If you do not get a slot on one site then you may go to the other site, granted you have an account there =P. I am TRUSTING you all to be fair and give each other a fighting chance to get a slot.
10) 2 drawings per species. I will only draw the same species twice. So if you want a husky, lion, or ferret, i will do one more drawing of each of them.

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Added: 7 years, 5 months ago
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