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3 Topic Countdown Until Otakon Day 3!  Special Geek Battle Edition!

Okay, folks.  Here's a big one!  Today's 3 Topic Countdown is about classic geeky rivalries... and my personal opinions on them!  

Topic 1:  Batman Vs. Superman.    My answer?  Superman hands down.  Make no mistake, ladies and gentlemen, I love Batman just as much as any other geek does, but the one thing that annoys me most in the comic fandom is when people say Batman is superior and better because he doesn't have powers or because he's a dark vigilante...   Uhhh...  No.   Batman is good, but the problem is that in most interpretations of him, he inspires fear, rather than hope.  Superman may have superpowers, but why he's better than Batman any day is because the powers don't define him.  His belief in truth and justice, his powerful moral compass, and his strength of character are what makes Superman "super."  I'm not saying Batman doesn't have all of that, but his character tends to get bogged down in grittiness and vengeance...  Where Superman has never been about either of those.

Topic 2:  Pirates vs. Ninja.   My answer?  Neither.  Samurai are coolest.  But honestly, let's get into this a bit.  "Cool" is defined in the dictionary as: "In fashion, part of or fitting the in-crowd, originally hipster slang."  Thus, because it must be part of the "in-crowd," once something is publicly accepted as being cool, it is no longer cool, because there is no definition between the in-crowd and "out-crowd."  In other words, if your grandmother thinks something is cool, it's no longer cool, it's lame.  Unfortunately, folks, both pirates and ninja fall into that category.  Both are exceedingly lame.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I rant CONSTANTLY against the idea of a modern-day ninja or the "ninja factor" (add a ninja to a place it doesn't belong to make it cooler).  Frankly, Pirates are just as lame.  Make no mistake, I LOVE pirate movies like Pirates of the Carribean and all, but honestly, REALLY look at them.  They're filthy disease-ridden thieves riding in creaky tubs of wood....  Nnnno.  So my final answer to this conundrum is:  The samurai would come out and kick both the pirate and the ninja's butts easily.

Topic 3:  Mario vs. Sonic.  Okay, folks.  I'm gonna get some MAJOR hatedom from this, but I'm laying it out honestly.  Sonic wins EASILY for a number of reasons.  First, let's look at Mario.  Fat, middle aged plumber from Brooklyn who admittedly has a fifty foot vertical leap.  Sonic: Blue teenaged hedgehog with insane super-speed.   Mario: Saves ONE kingdom on a disturbingly regular basis and has a kidnap prone girlfriend whom I can only assume likes giant fire-breathing turtle sex (although admittedly he has saved the galaxy twice).  Sonic: Saves the WORLD on a disturbingly regular basis, has saved entire REALITIES multiple times, and doesn't have to save anyone except Amy Rose on rare occasions.  Mario: Collects psychadelic shrooms that make him trip out.  "Mamma mia!  The walls are-a melting! @_@"  Sonic: Collects big glowing jewels that turn him into the avatar of the gods with immortality, hyper speed, and energy powers.  Mario: ...Mario Golf.  Need I go on?   Sonic:  ...Sonic Riders, dear god.  Okay, Mario wins that one. ><;;;   Admittedly, Sonic hasn't had a good game since Sonic Adventure 2 (if you don't count handheld games, in which case he's had tons), but he's still better than Mario...  And I enjoy proving that in Smash Bros. Brawl as often as I can. :3

Okay, so that's Day 3 of my three topic countdown!  I'm sure I'll find something else geeky to talk about tomorrow!
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Added: 7 years, 7 months ago
7 years, 7 months ago
Let's see...  Fight One, I think Drake Fenwick covered best here: https://drakefenwick.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=24#...

Fight Two: one side has guns, the other doesn't.

Fight Three: depends on which version of Sonic.  Games Sonic, it's a close fight.  Comics Sonic, however, takes this hands down.
7 years, 7 months ago
And I would like to add a Fight topic of my own: Borg vs Daleks.  
7 years, 7 months ago
Fight 1 - Superman.
Fight 2 - meh, ROBOTS!
Fight 3 - Sonic any day of the week.

Now..Fight 4 - Apple Pie or Cherry Pie?
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