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the lighter side of things.

We have had a long talk about the situation, i'm happy to say that things are looking up, and things are also going to change now aswell.

First of all, i'm not going to hide away anymore, it hasn't helped in the slightest with things lately, that is part of the reaosn things have been like they were, sometimes i just couldn't talk about things without worrying how to word them out, but no, no more hiding, it's not good for me, and it certainly isn't fair on anyone else i know who has tried to help either.

Secondly, i am going to change my lifestyle, it's been worked out that most of the stress i have has been caused by too much time spent on the laptop, first thing in the morning before work, which often makes me cranky on my way to and at work, so that is going to stop.
I am also going to stop eating so much aswell, i find i am usually picky with food during the day and constantly are eating, again, caused by some of the stress brought on by things.

Finally, if i can swing things with my folks, i will try and be at the summer party this weekend in London, but i won't make any promises about it, with the way things have been, it might take abit more to convince my higher ranking upbringers to let me go, but we really do need to talk about a few more things, in person.

sacred.. i love you, and that is never going to change, you mean the world to me, and i am never going to upset you like i have done again, i promise!
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Added: 7 years, 11 months ago
7 years, 11 months ago
HUGS!!! hey lil bro i hope you feel better and im sure you and sacred will be fine." Big brother hugs "Will we get a hance to tal konline sometime soon lil bro?
7 years, 11 months ago
Strong words, reflecting a strong heart. Well done, good wolf. ^_^
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