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Dead Space 2: Deja Vu

Dead Space 2: deja vu

(Sorry about this one guys. It's long over due.)

As in sequels, things in the over all gaming experience will either transmute from silver to gold or gold to shit on a stick. There should be a rule in gaming that states: “developers should make good and damn sure that the second, third, fourth part etc be better than the preceding parts” As much as I hate Valve I do like Half-Life 2 yet loathe Portal 2 as there was something of a drop off. The same goes for Dead Space 2. There was a drop off in quality and that quality of tense and dark atmosphere lead way to a doubly long kinda bright and not too bad game that resembled more like Duke Nukem then it did what Dead Space was.
Many of you by now may have guessed that I don't like Dead Space 2, much to the disappointment of me, myself and my wallet as I pre-ordered this game in October of the previous year and it cost me $60 Canadian dollars total. Once I popped the game in, I was however rather taken by the cinematic.
The game starts three years after the events of the first Dead Space with the main Issac McBuckethead in the nut house and having massive hallucinations of his dead girlfriend. Now this isn't the actual game play, god no, but just a pretext of what happened. The actual game starts when Issac get's rescued from the looney bin but quickly after his rescuer get's impaled and quickly becomes the game's main monster, a necromorph. With his flesh flaking off and eyes becoming pools of white I only sighed. Sighed with the slap on the face that EA just game me as I prepared to pull my pants down for a rape of mediocrity.
So as the necromorphs break out on the station Issac is on, he must discover why and fight through it instead of taking the more logical route and getting the hell out of there. Chances are it's because of the Unitologists. A shallow attempt at showing the retarded beliefs of Scientology. One thing about the first game was it took place on a space ship that didn't look like it was meant to be lived in. So EA took things in stride and put the entire first half of the game in a residential area so it looks more like middle America in space than the future with so much blood on the walls it seems that the station at a million people killed in the first two minutes.
When I signed on as a fan of this series I wanted to see not only some gore but the prospect that the developers would make it mature and grow as subsequent games are put out. I didn't want to see in your face gore. It was as insulting to me as someone throwing up in my mouth. So as I had to run as the shit hit the fan and it wasn't even one minute into the game as the transformation obviously alerted every other necromorph in the area that dinner was served. It quickly comes to pass that the storyline is the standard one as far as survival games go: trust only your weapon and ammo.
Now EA must of seen the era of the silent protagonist go up just like the BP oil rig and decided that Issac must now have a voice and more face time than Robert Pattison for pre teen twats. I don't expect Issac to have a voice like Orson Wells or Don Lafontaine but I did rather expect him to have a voice and dialogue as average as a line segment. Everything this dolt says in predictable and bland enough to make me want to lick my pillow. Not only that, Issac comes off as a dummy. He's just not that smart.
As for the enemies? They're all there. Every one of them from the first game but with a few new ones. They, like most things in sequels, add fuck all. Weapons are the same. All of them make a return plus some new ones and they are all shit until you upgrade them as well as upgrade your RIG because Issac can't take more than a fart in his direction without lunging back, screaming and taking a huge hit of health. With brings me the death sequences for this moron. You see, in the first Dead Space, the game gave you a very gory death sequence if Issac got so much as sneezed on and this game is no different but now they ignore the laws of physics. A good example is when you need to use something called the 'eye poke' machine in order to make Issac remember inane alien gibberish at the near end of the game. If you succeed he only grunts in a bit of pain and the needle goes in rather gently and slowly. Make a mistake and the machine slams the entire device in his skull, drills it around and if one looks closely enough it looks like the thing is humping his skull in the most oddly looking skull fuck in game history. As you might have guessed, this doesn't sit very well with me. With the combination of the first part of the game were gore just gets up in your face like a child saying 'HEY! DO YOU SEE ME! I'M DOING SOMETHING!' to the eye poke machine, it doesn't seem like a game but an over the top reason to use gore. It's rather frustrating.
Anyway while I try to ignore the most transparent of stories, the graphics are pretty much the same dreck from the first game. Same as the sound save a few nuances of improvement but not much to notice. The level design is rather sprawling but still too linear to keep one excited on the many playthroughs. One little gripe is that one level, or in this case area, takes place right back aboard the Ishimura in the most blatant recycling in a game!
So is Dead Space 2 a good game. If you like mediocrity, then yes. It's a wonderful game for the retarded and the mentally dull. If you're like me and want some stimulation and not just a below average game then it's a steaming pile of dung.
Oh, and the only thing that I utterly love is that they have teddy bears in this game.
That is all.
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