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The story so far...

Hey again guys.
I just wanted to let you all know what's happening with my stories and what I'm actually work on.
I am working on this story, but like I said before 'I'm not really inspired at the moment.
This is why I started editing my previous chapters.
I'm still shooting ideas around in my head, but it's starting to formulate a story.
If I had anotjer person I could work with on this it might move along faster, but I want someone who won't take control and lets me move along at my own pace.
That's why I've just decided to let one person help me out, if you're interseted PM me and I'll look it over.
Ok, I know I'm not the best writer or the best person at composing a story, but I'm trying and it looks to me like I'm not doing too badly.
The third chapter's been started, however I'm lacking insperating to finish it right now.
I know it sounds bad when i say 'I'm not inspired!', but i haven't and won't give up, not yet and not ever.
If I did I would be defeating to perpose of my starting it in the first place.
I started to get a basic idea on how good I really am at witing, how much people like it and to get ideas in my head flowing into sometime more constructive instead of slowly driving my sanity away.
As most of you might have realized by now, I'm overly dramatic and am an odd person.
Sometings I say should just be ignored, but most things I say actually mean exacally what they are (or implie).
So, if you're looking for an exclusive first hand read, or want to help out, I'm happy to let someONE help me out.
Just PM me and I'll have a talk to you, if I don't think it'll work out I'll let you know.
If I like you and think you can help, I'll send you what I have of my stories and ask for feed back, an edit of my mistakes as well as any ideas you have about it.
Don't think that this'll be the same as what I've asked before, I'll think more about the decisions and talk it over with you if you accept this offer.

P.s. I'm not hiring or anything, it's not a job and I DON'T want or need any donation thingys. (From anyone).

Thanks, CreamSonicfan/CSTSL.
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