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Vacation, Health & Future

Now it is official; almost after a month of illness I guess than I´m finally recovered… & just in time for the summer break; sadly I just can´t enjoy the free time at the beach or something like that…    this month will be used to fill out all the hole in my final work at school…  this Wednesday was the last day of the mastery degree class, and  is supposed than now we all are ready to finish our thesis by ourselves… so we have to work on that.

About my health problems…   I guess than now I´m fully recovered…   no more fever, no more weakness, no more pain, just the cough… sometimes the cough wake me up at night  but that is the only remaining…

The Next topic, drawings…    to be hones I just want to draw more often, I wish to draw everyday to keep practicing, but normally during the day I found just to many interesting things to do, so then, I wish to have twice the time in the day, and maybe I did it in the pass but I can´t work at night, not anymore. (one of the problem according to my doctor was than I was sleeping very much less   the needed…   so I try to sleep as early as possible) and also not forget about the thesis I also have to work on that

Future plans, believed or not…  I have plans for the future, normally I never do that, but this time something important happened…  looks like I going to be an English teacher in local school,  don´t hesitated it will be just intro level, which means: Abecedary, numbers, color, common quotes like “nice to meet you” and the basic grammar like personal names (he, she, it) and the To be verb basic grammar (Am is are, was were) sound easy…   and it is not teaching young kids, I will be working with teenagers… (that is what actually make me a lilt nervous…  I heard stories about teachers running away crying  because of the jokes of their student, that is creepy)

Anyway sorry again if I make someone worry, it was just to communicate, don´t to alarm…  but    and want to thank you to all, by all the comments and the support words.

Until we meet again

X No Saru
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Added: 7 years, 7 months ago
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