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Multitudinous Magical Monikers

So many different internet aliases. All virtual non-entities. I'm quite surprised to find that my old NG account still exists... AND I remembered the password!

Made me think about my DA and FA accounts, and how many others might be lost in the mists of time!
But that'd just be silly! =P

Oh, yeah, if anyone bothers to read this, I may as well tell you about this magical 30 second "escape" themed animation competition with 20k reward... I mean prize money. (why the heck do I keep getting those mixed up?)
Anyway, I kinda didn't get crap all done, even after coming up with what I thought was a neat/supercool/funny idea, starring my superhero puppy and his teddy-bear sidekick, no less!
I could say I ran out of time... and I did, but only because I kept changing my mind: from a 3D idea using a model I was already working on; down to a crappy 2D flash. The "story" wouldn't hold still so I could nail it down either.
Oh well, it was giving me way too much stress, though, so I decided to scrap it and not submit anything by the deadline. Shame, really, it would have been cool. Maybe next time...

's funny, actually. The 20k rew- prize money wasn't really enough to motivate me. The only reason I was even the slightest bit pumped about the idea? Could have been the possibility of all the judges and voters and crap seeing work... although, that right there is a two-edged sword. And I seem to have cut myself with it, BAD. O_O

Oh, have no fear, furry fans! I still fully intend to start making little internet bite-sized webisodes of their little adventures, after I nail down a script or two. (Maybe a tad more developed than the 30 second joke I came up with for the "escape" theme.) I mean, the only bonus about all that competition crap is that I FINALLY bought myself a new microphone. Damn, I hate my australian accent though. At least, I think it's Australian. I mean, I am Australian,  but every now and then someone seems to think I'm not, because of some elusive accent that I am apparently oblivious of. Go figure.

Ah, well, that's enough of a ramble for tonight. So, stay tuned furry fans... I guess...?
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