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Awesome news. :D

I've been sick for the past while, but now I'm feeling like I have more energy and can do things like draw and play video games, so I'm working on redesigning my fursona (again, this one is the fifth revision and no I'm not talking about the one I use for porn, I mean the main one that remains clean and pure) because there's something about her that makes her really hard for me to draw sometimes and I can fix that with a simple adjustment, but that's not really the point of this.

It's the 20th of July today and starting this August, I start a community college where I can hopefully learn to be less stupid. :V And also cheat my way out of doing general studies. >:3 Because math and history suck and I hate them, except mythology, because that's about gods and elements and grand adventures and everyone should read The Odyssey at least once in their lives because Roman mythology kicks ass but all the realistic stuff is boring and stupid and usually about some war or another, but anyway, hopefully it'll be easier and take less time in community college. :D

I'm kind of excited, I get to major in Liberal Arts, which just means a bunch of general courses so I can prepare to go to an art school, and I've been browsing places like ConceptArt a lot lately, and just seeing those people draw makes me want to try it, though my attempts are never that good, but I'm hoping that college will at least give me a better structure, my art's a mess right now, I can see it in the process because I don't fully know what I'm doing. :V

I'm also required to take a music course, and I'd love to learn to read music... I love making music, I love using instruments, and I can sort-of play a harmonica, but I don't understand FL Studio at all, and all I can use is MarioPaint and the music creator in LBP2 which is really fun but not likely to actually go anywhere... My hope is that if I can understand music a little better, I can use a music composer that requires some knowledge of reading music, and maybe using that to fall back on if I find out art isn't my thing.

Truth to tell, I only got into art by cartoons and comics. I've never been interested in drawing realism, most people who can draw really well at my age are those kids that thought drawing their parents or something on paper was enjoyable, I'm not sure why they find it enjoyable, really, real life is boring, depressing, and dull to me. We have no magic or fun adventures to immortalize, humans are rather uninteresting creatures with no interesting features like tails or wings, and still life puts me to sleep. The only reason I tolerate bieng tod to draw it by an art pro is because it teaches fundamentals but beyond that, yeah it's an apple or a vase or a lamp, nothing interesting about it, I prefer art that expresses how I want the world to be, or look, or in the utilitarian aspect, that can be planted into a video game, if I ever make GML work right. (I messed up a tutorial. >_> That kind of killed my spirits.) What's the point of making something that exists in real life? Unless people actually like real life, which I don't think is humanly possible, but I have to draw that crap. -_- I want to make a webcomic, maybe if I can't do art as a career, I can get some skill to draw panels more effectively and faster than now, it took me hours to do one page, that pace frustrates me, if I come out of college and can draw faster, good enough for me. :V
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