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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows -Part 2- (Massive spoilers if you didn't read the book)

Anyway, I just got tickets from my sister last night as an early birthday gift, and I got home from the theater about five minutes before beginning this. My overall impression so far is that the movie is INCREDIBLE!! It fit the book very well, it didn't stray from the book except for a few mild flaws in cooperation, but I think the movie actually beat the book in a number of ways. Please don't consider this a spoiler if you have read the book.

 First off, the visuals. They were spectacular. in the mid-late movie, there are spells, debris, shockwaves and simple utter chaos flying EVERYWHERE! At times it got so mixed up that I couldn't tell what was going on. But that was the point, it was a battlefield. You're not really supposed to know whats going on at all times in war, and I felt that just increased the immersion. It's this kind of fast-paced insanity that you just can't get from a book.

 The story doesn't really need to be explained, because it's already in the book. Although I must admit that a few points in the book ARE lacking in the movie, such as the continued exclusion of the House Elves, and the unexplained (in the movie) death of Fred Weasley. One thing I can support, however, is the fact that the Epilogue actually feels more complete, despite having less content than the book version. I have no idea how that works...

 Last but not least, my favorite moment. When Harry is coming face to face with Voldemort in the forest, the atmosphere of the film was just INSANE. For the first time in a movie theater, I felt like a bug standing before giants, and at the most intense moment, Voldemort casts his spell and hits Harry, causing the whole screen to go white. I couldn't even close my eyes no matter how much they hurt (and near-darkness to absolute white really hurts >.<)

 And thats it for all I have to say about this movie, it was absolutely great, go watch it if you can, then watch it a second time, they definitely deserve it, fantastic. I need to lay down...
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