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21 questions of the writer

1. When did you start writing? About two years ago, as a furry writer. I've written mainstream non fiction for years

2. First drafts: Handwritten, typed, or some combination? Typed in Microsoft Word

3. Do you keep any kind of notebook or writer's journal, and if so, what kinds of things go into it? Nope. No notes, drafts or outlines. I 'write' it in my head; then it goes right to text.

4. Do you set any quotas for your work (number of words per day, number of hours per day, etc.)? Why or why not? I try to do at least 2-3 pages at a sitting; any less, and I feel it lacks continuity.

5. Are you most comfortable writing short stories, novels, or something else? Short stories. It's all I do. Well, there's the comics....

6. What's your favorite kind of story to write? I love writing furry soap operas, where I can examine my characters over an extended period of time.

7. Talk about a story of yours that was easy to write and one that was difficult to write, and why. 'Gray's Christmas' was surprisingly easy; even though it was a contest entry, it just came together. 'The Lesson' trilogy was hard. It had a lot more emotional impact than I expected; I was working on a new topic, different sexuality, different species. I'm pleased with the result, but a lot more painstaking than I thought.

8. Which of your characters is closest to your sense of self? In other words, who do you most identify with in your own work to date? None of my characters are me, but Gray in 'Gray's Christmas' has a lot of me in him.

9. What work are you most proud of right now? There are two. I still love the very first story I ever wrote- 'Tina's Story- before it even had chapters. Then there's 'Always' one of my lesser known works, but one that is a personal favorite.

10. What do you feel your strengths and weaknesses are as a writer? I think I can tell a story, and, once I get going, I'm very productive. I need to proof and edit, which I really don't do.

11. Name a few writers who have influenced you or your work in some way. In mainstream fiction, I read a lot od Laurien Berenson, Nina Wright, and Janet Evanovich. In the fandom, I love to read Vendetta and Mr Gimp. A big shout too, to my first critic, The Caring Guardian, who walked the line between crtic and cheerleader, and my first readers, SPand  Dasher Cheetah, with whom I still talk writing.

12. Talk about something you've written that you later found embarrassing for some reason. The Wedding chapter of 'Tina's Story was one for which I had a lot of expectations. A series of technical issues meant that by the time everything got fixed, it was old news.

13. Talk about the earliest stories you remember writing. What were they about? That would be Tina, the anthro Poodle, who goes to work at the Trenton New Jersey DMV.

14. If you knew you would be successful, what would you most like to write? George W. Bush, as a furry fetish prostitute

15. What inspires you? The people and situations I've encountered in real life.

16. How many projects do you tend to work on at once? Mostly one. Otherwise, it's too distracting.

17. Who reads your work before it's released to the public? Do you have beta readers, a critique group, etc.? Sometimes my writing buddies get to see a work in progress. Usually, no one.

18. When you're not writing, what do you do for fun? I enjoy dog shows, photography, Peteena dolls, and all kinds of cars. I like good music, and strong beverages.....and fursuiting!

19. Advice to other writers? Write! People are always telling me what they're GOING to write. WRITE IT!

20. What are you currently working on? A collaboration story between one of my characters, and one of Pete's.

21. Share the first three sentences of a work in progress.
Gray stood at the mirror, adjusting his tie. He had made a special effort to look his best, for this was a special day. He was going on a date, his first in many years


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