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Random Rant 7/14/2011

It's finally over..it all came down to this

I am officially an owner of my high school diploma, took long enough..
yeah, I'm 19 and I'm just now receiving this.

I've lived in my current town for the first 12 years of my life, then I got torn away from that and Moved to Las Vegas..err, 'North' Las Vegas..it has nicer houses and less drunk people/"evening escorts".

Anyway, lived there for six years and half way into my senior year, I get told that SURPRISE we're moving back
                                            -glass shattering sound-       @.@

I was planning to stay out there and live with a friend, finish school, and start college.
Problems with that plan:
a) No job = no cash = no rent money
b) Original planned roommate asks his ex-gf to move in, in hopes to get back together (it didn't work)
c) Secondary planned roommate (well..her mom offered to put me up) has a weird obsession with me..and she's four years younger than me. That's not something I really wanted to get caught up in.

So, I moved back here before finals..and when I try to enroll here, they're already taking finals
The school tried to contact the old one to get copies of those finals so I could get credit for the class,
and of course that doesn't work..the really bad thing is that the school I transferred from would even talk to the counselor at this one.


So, I had that semester and the whole next year to do..  -sigh-

But, that's all over now.
I now have lamented proof that and I am smart enough to be considered a high school graduate.
Do I feel like I accomplished something?
Not really...I just feel like I spit out words that were beat into my head enough times to where I could remember what order they went in.

And after I find a steady enough job, I get to do it all over again in college..woo!  -facedesk-   >.>

Enough of all this for now.
My next gaming conquest is a speed run of Sonic Adventure 2: Battle

current personal record is: 11hrs 42min 57sec   all chao boxes found, no optional power-ups
lives lost: 7

Hopefully I'm able to beat that
should have an update within the week

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