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Me on Pokemon Black and White/ Best Wishes!

I'm still in it on the new Pokemon anime. I still hate Sarah voicing Ash, and the writing is so terrible! I'm not a writer, but I seriously believe I can write better, than who ever's writing now. Me, along with a team of people that actually give as shit about giving the characters appropriate personalities in matching their actions, and not making them sound retarded! Me, and a team that would care about the line knowing that they will be read by the voicers, recorded, pasted onto the video, and broadcasted for everyone's viewing and listening enjoyment. That's how many we'd give a fuck. We'd give ALL fucks. Not a fuck would be unturned that we wouldn't give! THERE WOULD NOT BE A FUCK LEFT WHEN WE GOT DONE GIVING ALL THOSE FUCKS! Why are they asking the Pokemon question, like they can understand what their reply would be? Why is Ash repeating the line "Who's that Pokemon?" when that has it's own segment of the show? Ash's line make him sound stupid, and he's not! If you watch Pokemon with the caption on you know, as well, that what Ash is dubbed to say and what the original lines are differ. Ash isn't as oblivious as they dubbed him to be. There's a number of things pissing me off about this horrible writing. I'm never going to like Sarah, but the other voice are good, and I'm glad Dan Green has a character on there. He at least makes me feel better about how bad it is.


There's another "Why Ash doesn't age" theory out. It's the "Too much exposer to Legendary Pokemon" theory. I'm not one for the coma theory, but I'm willing to accept that Ash being constantly exposed to that type of energy would have effects on him, including his aging process. In chronological terms, either being 10 is a lie, of something is distorted in his time and space realm. A time and space realm interference can be blamed on the Legendary Pokemon energy. I remember in one movie Ash did die, and was resurrected. That could be permanently stopped his aging like an undead (vampire, etc).
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