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On the meaning of "Furry"

A lot of people are confused when I tell them I'm not a furry. They tell me that because I use furry websites, regularly interact with furries, enjoy furry artwork, and even play (what furs call "RP") in chats as something non-human, that I'm obviously a furry. My canned response to such claims is simply that I am not a fan of anthropomorphic animals and therefore not a fur. I liken it to the difference between a star trek fan (a "Trekkie") and someone who just watches and happens to like star trek. This is the traditional definition of furry- it's a fandom for people who are fans of anthropomorphic animals. That's what it was in the beginning, and the existence of furcons is continuing evidence that this is the case.

But if you look deeper, it's clear that many furs believe that they are part of something more than a fandom. They tell me that my definition of furry is wrong, that it has "evolved" beyond fandom. When I ask them for their definition so that I might correct mine, they can never agree on one. I am frequently told that "furry means different things to different people". What? So if I were to say "to me furry means snorting a whole bunch of coke while masturbating over a dead zebra" I can expect you to just go along with that? I find this logic to be deeply flawed.

And this brings me to the real reason why I won't call myself a furry: I don't know what the fuck furry even is. I know what it is supposed to be, but enough furs tell me that's not it that I find myself wondering if the meaning really has changed. But if it has indeed changed, what has it changed to? It's impossible to get a consistent answer to what seems like such a simple query. And I'm not going to slap a label on myself unless I know what that label means. Until furries agree on what the hell a furry is, I will never consider myself to be a furry.
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