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Decisions, decisions...

I'm torn. What should I do! I've got two things I want to do, but cant choose between them. So I'll just tell you what they are! I'll start with the new one, which would be an entirely new project for me. So lets get into detail!

What is this new project thats floating around in my brain? A story series. Yup! Within my brain there is an entire universe floating around, wanting to break out, and there are two ways for it to break free. One, is for me to just write. Put my fingers to work and write chapter after chapter of this story, expanding upon the ideas and characters as I go, unleashing this universe upon you guys for you to all read and enjoy. Or I could turn it into a Roleplay community (Hell, it's already been one, and a damn good one too). So what is this universe, I hear you ask? Well, let me put it in a nutshell for you...

Ghost In The Shell + Equalibrium (A movie. Havent seen it? GO WATCH IT NOW! >:I) + Mirrors Edge (Game, duh X3) + Mass Effect + Aeon Flux + Deus Ex = Harmony. My Roleplay/story universe.

Now, that is a lot to take in, isnt it? All of those things combined seem nuts, but it's simple really. I'll explain alittle. Ghost In The Shell would bring in the full Cybernetic aspect of Harmony. The way that the world has evolved, with science and technology instead of "Magic" and the X-Gene. Equalibirum/Aeon Flux would be how the world is set. In Harmony, the world is ruled by one government called "The Hierarchy". It is formed of two ruling groups. The human alliance and the Ki'Sha (Which would be Anthromorphs/Furries). But the world is extremely closed, where the Hierarchy rules with an iron fist. They close down anyone that speaks out against the Government, monitor all forms of communication and have been known to "Black List" people for apparently random reasons. Mirrors Edge would be for the Mailers. Just like in the game, they are there to help people transport messages, private or not. The Mailers are experts at transporting packages and messages, all of them being trained to the highest levels of Parkour. Mass Effect would be the space element of the game. There are space ports within the universe, space stations and so on. It'd also be another extention of how technology has grown within the Harmony universe. Allowing deep space travel and so on. Dues Ex, now thats the fun one. Augmentations, cybernetic enhancements and so on. Cybernetics are a huge part of the Harmony universe. When I originally opened the roleplay community, I didnt allow anyone with special abilities unless they could explain it in a technology standpoint. Which ofcourse, most couldn't. If it cant be done with tech/cybernetics/augmentations I didnt allow it. And I still stand by that point.

So, thats a little explination on how the Harmony universe kinda worked. I dont know if I should start a story series based upon it or just open up the roleplay community once again. So, thats what I'm asking you on that front. Would you guys want to actually live this universe, roleplay it? Or should I just unleash it in my own vision and write the story thats in my brain?

The other choice of mine is ART! I've got some things I could work on, but this Harmony universe is really pulling at my brain. It's just sticking there and screaming "USE ME! EXPAND UPON ME!". I do have severall pics I could be working on, but I just cant help thinking about Harmony again. X3 So folks, help me out. What should I do?
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Added: 7 years, 8 months ago
7 years, 8 months ago
It seems you have a story to tell. Stories are important, they can change lives or even worlds. (I'd always hoped my Otter River series would make the world a little sexier. Sadly, people are not otters.) So I'd definitely go ahead with the story series.

But is there any reason why you couldn't develop the RPG along side the series? If people like your stories enough to want to "visit your world," why not have the game ready for them to play? You might even develop a website for fanfic taken from games. (Obviously only your stories would be canon.) All your stories would help refine the game as well. From a marketing point of view, the story series and RPG would support each other; players would be curious about the stories and vice versa.

As for art, if you're this focused on the series, it'll probably take away from anything else you do. You'll need some art for the books and/or RPG. You will want a break from it now and then, though and other art can be that.

Take my advice and I suspect that you'll be busy for a while.
7 years, 8 months ago
A fleshed out story can easily become an RP playground. But not the other way so much since the people involved wouldn't really fully understand your vision and things could possibly change with other people through RPing alone. o.o; So I'd suggest story & art together. That way you can submit a pic and have a nice long story with it. =3
7 years, 8 months ago
Ghost In The Shell + Equalibrium + Mirrors Edge + Mass Effect + Aeon Flux + Deus Ex = My ideal life...

I just LOVE those universes, especially the dystopian ones. Are we related?

I just rewatched GITS and Equilibrium, along with SE Lain.
They're all soo deep. That's why they're good.

- - -

I know exactly what you mean when you say you've got a whole universe bursting in your brain. I've had my one in here forever, and only left myself little breadcrumbs, coz I don't want it falling into the hands of anyone. I've constructed a detailed history approx. 10 back and forth from present. And it's hard man, keeping it all together. Thought he setting is very different.

Good luck with this! I'd like to see the art for it.
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