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You what I love about dreams?

Is that you can get some awesome ideas from them. Like this comic idea.

Maximum Nine

16 year old Max Summons, his dad, and his 5 year old sister Julie are driving home from a local fair when they come across an injured wolf. Against his judgment, Max's Dad takes the injured wolf  back home with them to keep Julie from crying about it. When the family get's hiome, Max offers to watch the wolf in his room, much to Julie's disappointment.

When Max takes the Wolf up stairs into his room. HE discovers something strange about the wolf. IT CAN TALK! The wolf introduces his self as Shuv (pronounced the same as Shove). And requests to be taken back to where they found him at once. But it's late and Max tells him that they can do it in the morning. Moments later a strange mechanical Werewolf appears and walks towards the house. Max sees the strange animal/machine and run down to the front door to meet it. Shuv weakly follows him.

The Werewolf introduces it's self as "M-Eight" and demands that Max hand over Shuv! Max says no, and shows why his Dad trusted him to watch a wild wolf. Max can shoot energy blast from his hands! But the blasts do nothing to M-Eight who picks up the boy and prepares to rip him open. Sudden Shuv comes sprinting through the door, and tackles Max out of his hands. Shuv is revealed to be mechanical looking just like M-Eight. Shocked by Max's powers, he touches him and says "prepare to merge!". After a glow of light, the two become one, turning into a humanoid android with mechanical wolf ears. Using the power of this new form's "Gravity Buster" and "G-Claws", Max and Shuv destroy M-Eight.

After the battle the two separate back to normal. Shuv tries to leave but Max stops him. Both His dad and Shuv explain that it's dangerous for him to stay. But Max explains that if M-Eight had friends like he said. They may already know what happened and will come to attack him and his family. It's actually best if Shuv stays with them. Shuv and Max's dad reluctantly agree. To make it easier to stay hidden, Shuv changes his fur pattern into a husky's. He then explains that the Gravity Buster and G-Claws won't always work. If he's to fight against the "Maximum Nine", Max is going to need some training.

And thus a new hero was born.  Preparing to fight an unknown enemy for the safety of a new friend he's only just met. Hoping to discover the strange origins of his mysterious powers.

Likely inspired by Megaman and Road Rovers.

Maximum Nine and its characters (c) Kwame A. Fletcher a.k.a Kyanbu



<b>\/\/\/Also... \/\/\/\/\/\/
Coming Soon:
[Web Novel]</b>  Mischief Knights: Revise (October 30, 2011)
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<b>[Web Comic]</b> Avalice Assassin (Spring/Summer, 2012)

* Now for the Important announcement. In an attempt to keep my rep as an artist as clean as possible. <u>I will NO LONGER ACCEPT REQUEST/COMMISSIONS CONTAINING NUDITY,SEX, OR ELEMENTS OF SEXUAL FAN SERVICE</u>. Any perexisting requests that contain such will still be finish but if you want me to add on to those request. Then I suggest finding some else to do it <u>(granted you may still use my characters as long as YOU CONTACT ME FIRST FOR PERMISSION BEFORE HAND)</u>. I am still conflicted on rather or not it'll really hurt my rep as an artist though.

* Commissions will be opening up in Late spring/ Early Summer 2011. Should have everything setup with my accounts by that time.</b>
<b>Request(s) Status:</b>
Alister cade's - Being worked on, Sketch up maybe next week.

Runhurd's - back on!

Johnnyd2's - back on!

<u><b>Current Story(ies):</b></u>

<b>Mischief Knights [PG - 13]</b>
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Final Episode
Status: n/a
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Added: 8 years ago
8 years ago
Wow that was way cool!!!! I wish I had dreams that awesome!
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