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Drunk again, this is rediculous.

Today, my mother in law reminded me that everybody masturbates.  She made the comment that she was playing with herself under the table.

I really don't know how I feel about it - but the southern comfort was not helping.

I drew some Gwen today - I used the picture
did of her in the booty suit (pony pic) as reference.  Wanted to do something more cute and less sexual than usual due to the fact that Nori took down a recent picture of Gwen getting used (and she didn't seem completely okay with the idea).  

So, I got working on a picture of me just oiling her down, and her with a smirky expression about me 'paying attention to certain areas' more than others.  

It looks cute, but then I was called out to play cards with the family, and then the jello shots, and then the comment from my MIL (Mother In Law).

Man, I went through the iPad, and I have a picture of a Bunny girl with angel wings I can't even remember drawing.  

I wish Brainsister would show up - I haven't heard from her in a while.  

I'm at least I got some drawing done.  I looked at my fourth of july picture, and despite the fact that it isn't done enough to post, I really think it's cute.

I have a bunch to do - Got a picture for Neri to do - that's gonna be fun.  He wanted me to do something stupid with a girlfriend of his and a family photo gone wrong (the girlfriend is his 'daughter').

Since I'm doing a drunken ramble, I'd like to mention @niznarf - I started drawing some fanart of her girl Molly a while back.  I don't know why her art style does it for me, but it does.  Her icon is sexy as hell for some reason too.  Confuses the fuck out of me.

My cat has climbed on the bed now, and he wants petting.  I love my cat, he's a pain in the ass, but a loving pain in the ass.  

On an unrelated note, have you seen
's work?  Man, I thought I had a shota/Milf thing going on - this dude can do the thick and the thin - a little curvy, chubby milf love, and some hot fucking girls and guys.  Now, I love drawing underage (well, not VERY underage, but you know what I mean), but I love giving those curvy hips and asses to them.  Hidden's work is like my blood brother in porn when it comes to this.

my thoughts are all washing together.  Sister in law got me another drink, and that is just not helping me think.

I think I should stop, I can't remember.

I do love it here.  There isn't as much commenting, but there is a hell of a lot more feeling.

Love you people.  Love you lots.  Go and comment on some other artists pictures, and scream in my shouts what you'd like to see - Give me peer pressure!  I wanna know baby!

I want to draw so badly - I need time.  I want to just draw fanporn forever.  I love doing it.

The support I get here is a million times better than anywhere else I've been.

This is how I started out, in a little forum.  People said 'hey, draw this', and 'that's pretty good, you've improved', and that's all I ever wanted.  I just want to make people horny.  that's what turns me on.  I just want to draw things that make you want to touch yourself - and that's the best thing that could ever happen for me.

Do you ever think about the fact that everyone masturbates?  That mean lady, that nasty boss, they have a nasty little secret they finger fuck or beat their meat over.  It makes it much easier to think of people - those things they try to hide.  I especially like it when I learn that they have a fetish - especially a fetish I share.  That's so fucking cool.  Friend of mine recently revealed that he liked some of the same things I did.

So, what do I draw?  What do you draw?  What would make you happiest?  

Me?  I just want to be in the middle of a Gwen/Ger sandwich.

Maybe you should stop reading here, cause I can't feel my fingers anymore.

I really do love you people, and I wish all of you would tell me what you'd like to see.

I need to delete the other journals, and just leave my 'permissions' journal.

In art, it is not how hard you've worked on a picture, it's how hard you've worked so that you don't have to work as hard next time.

I gotta pee, so sorry, I gotta.  I love ya, but I gotta go.  

If you can figure any of this out, reply to me!  I'd like to hear what you ave to say about...whatever it is I said.

So many artists I want to say things about, and my brain just won't let me think of them...fuck!
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Added: 7 years, 11 months ago
7 years, 11 months ago
Heh, my word, quite a big train of thought you had there, sah! Glad it didn't jump the rails.

I find it quite interesting that you get your pleasure from knowing other folks are fapping to your work. I get a bit of that myself, though I tend to work on different fetishes than you do. At least we share a love of Sabby, eh? *chuckle*
7 years, 10 months ago
That is quite right my friend :3

Sweet, sweet skunky fun!
7 years, 11 months ago
I enjoy this level of drunk.  I enjoy it far more when I'm the one there, but second place goes when someone else is there.  It's when some of the truest, most pure thoughts stream out and really let you know far more about someone than you ever knew before.  Not to say I've known a lot, far from it being nothing more than just an admirer of your work for years, but it's almost as if I'd been given a glimpse of something not often seen.  It's as if I'd run into you at a room party at some convention and we started picking each other's brains.  Almost to the point that, had this been a two way conversation, I could have kept up, but right now I have no idea where to begin.  Don't mind if I give it a try, though.

It was such an amazing thing to hear you talk about seeing people differently once you come to the realization that everyone has that common "dirty secret".  I've actually used that quite a few times when dealing with "higher-ups"(whether it be work related, government, etc.) and will definitely vouch for how useful it is.  

As for fetishes, well, I've run into a few people in places they wouldn't have liked to have been seen in because we've shared a few.  Certain types of bars for instance where I get to wear my good leather.  It's so liberating afterward, and that was my only concern before.  I always felt I had my own dirty secret to hide from them, something I didn't want known by "management", but when we know, we can be far more open with each other.

The artists you mentioned, well, you did such a good job in your write up of them, I could hardly do it justice myself.  While I may have only run across Hidden's work recently, and only had my eye on Frazzlebot for nearly a year I think, they and Norithics can count me in as just a much a fan of their work as I've been of yours.  They're spectacular artists, incredibly interesting execution of their themes, and they draw some dead sexy characters.  I hope to see more of their artwork on a very frequent basis for a foreseeable time.

This place certainly does have the more "old school" forum feel rather than the uber-community where no one really knows or cares aout anyone else, doesn't it?  This place is something more akin to a community.  Like you said, it's quiet, I won't dispute that.  But with silence comes consideration, thought, and execution in thoughts when something is said.  It's such a wonderful feeling.  If it weren't for all of my wonderful friends on FA, I would be here full time.

And now we drop to the big boy part of the journal.  What turns me on...  

Well, to be honest, I'm a creature of simple tastes.  I do believe you could guess your tastes and mine cross paths a few times if I've been a fan of yours for...I think 4 years, maybe five.  But, what I've always loved seeing are your MILFs and your fanporn.  Don't get me wrong, pics like your Sabby pic and Pistol are incredibly hot, but there's something about how you do your MILFs.  They just look so warm and inviting, almost as if you can't help but want to fuck them.

What I'd really like to see are some more of your lovely lolis(the Gwen picture certainly pictured a motherfucker of a tent), some more pics of Sabby, and maybe, just maybe, a thick, busty, badger MILF.  Just the thought of seeing those is enough to make me want to curl up with a good picture and have a bit of solo fun.

Gods, I didn't realize I went off on this much of a ramble, I'm actually within five hundred of the character count on this one.  Guess I should wrap it up and let you go back to enjoying that lovely level of drunk that I wish I could be enjoying right now myself.

Oh, by the way, we all love you too, man.
7 years, 10 months ago
I kept this journal for one sole reason - to reply to you.

I woke up the next day, mortified that I had gotten drunk and written something the night before.  I couldn't face it.  I looked at it and saw your wall of text and read up to "some of the truest, most pure thoughts stream out".  After that, I just didn't know what to do.  I couldn't read what I had written, and I couldn't know what you said till I did.

I've looked back every few days, sometimes thinking about the weird and creepy stuff I've said since I made this...and today I just gave in and read.  And it was.  It was true, insane, unabashed, and I read what you wrote...and I felt it...and Yeah... It's what we share, what we don't admit in public.  What we sometimes strip down for everyone to see, and see them naked too.

I checked your page, and you haven't been here for a while.  I hope you will someday read this, and that for once...I wasn't just too late
7 years, 10 months ago
Fortunately, you don't have to worry about being too late, Priest.  I'm just incredibly quiet here.  Personally, I think I need to start posting again, cross posting some of my "pointless" journals from FA to at least let people know I'm alive.

Life has kept me quite busy in the last few weeks, however, and I haven't had a chance to check up on anything around here.  So, imagine my surprise to find your reply and friend request, a request I naturally accepted.  I can certainly understand your trepidation at wanting to reread your journal, as I've posted a few myself over the years in that state of intoxication that I was mortified to know what I'd let spill.  Fortunately, like you, I'd received nothing but encouraging comments to them.  From this, and a few other journals of the type, is where I've gotten my liking for reading and commenting back on them.  

They are truly a glimpse inside someone's mind, unfiltered by our compunctions and mental blocks.  I try to be just as uninhibited in my comments.  This is why I was more than happy to let you know what really turns my crank.  After doing so, I felt much better after airing that "dirty laundry", although I'll say I was slightly embarrassed with how I'd said it.  It'd not often you admit, straight out, that a picture someone had done had "pitched a mother fucker of a tent" or the thought of certain pictures was enough to make you want to "curl up and have a bit of solo fun".  

Sometimes we all need a release like that, because there are so many artists, writers, regular users that would have seen those words and run straight for their block button.  It's really given me the idea to reawaken my account on inkbunny with a journal asking people to relax, take a breath, and talk about what gets them excited in as graphic a language as they'd like.  Just something to let it out in a controlled, non judgmental atmosphere like what you'd created with this journal.

I am however, afraid I've caught myself rambling again, easily sliding past half of my post limit on here.  I guess what I'd really like to say is that you shouldn't be mortified about what you'd written.  What you did was much appreciated and well accepted by me, at least.  Some of the things you'd said are actually welcome topics I like that come to the table, in that they hardly show up on the table at all.  If you ever want to bring them up again, you'll find me in the comments again.

And thanks for the friend request.
7 years, 11 months ago
I think Norithics took the pic down, because Gwen was not in control and not because she had sex. She is dominant ;3
7 years, 10 months ago
Yeah, I know...but I saved it like I do all his Gwen stuff :3

Yay for compulsive habits!
7 years, 10 months ago
Can you send it to me then... i forgot to save it <.<
7 years, 10 months ago
Lemme get out the laptop
7 years, 10 months ago
The tidbit about your mother in law was hilarious.  The first thing that came to my mind was the question "is she hot?"  Now, that might seem a little out of bounds, but she's not my mother in law.  And I'm just curious like that. Whether someone who mentioned they were masturbating under the table in front of you is hot, is an important factor in exactly how I would feel about that situation.

I personally don't drink much, for a few reasons. First, I have a medical condition which could be exacerbated by alcohol, even small amounts. Not something that could really kill me, but it's probably not particularly healthy for me either. Second, I tend to get excruciating aches throughout my body if I have performed any physical activity prior to drinking.  Third, the thought of getting drunk just doesn't appeal to me very much.  I like loosening up, true.  But that's just why when I do drink, I tend to drink very little, and not to get "drunk" drunk.  I usually have as much alcohol as I want with just one drink, and it's usually something where the alcohol isn't the foremost flavor.  Something with a straw, whipped cream, in slushy form, or fruit flavored with a little umbrella. Though I do like me some good old fashioned sweet wine, and might drink a little vodka with orange juice if I've got a cold.

I don't actually tend to go for milfs very much.  Not that I don't find grown adult women sexy.  The body type just doesn't excite me as much.  I mean, they're accessible in real life, which kind of makes fantasizing about them less interesting for me. I like to the think fantasy is for the things that turn you on that you either can't or shouldn't pursue in real life.  I find most straight porn incredibly boring, unless it contains some element of taboo or is just extremely well drawn.   There are of course, certain taboos that I think are just "icky" but I don't think people who like them are sickos or anything .....most of the time.
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