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Might start using Inkbunny more often

Btw, I'm formerly "Willyums", if you don't recognize my username. Inkbunny actually lets you change your username! It requires filing a ticket, but at least it's possible.
Lately, I've been liking IB more and more. Today I found another feature that has value: Streaming notifications. I ACTUALLY GOT A VIEWER ON MY LAST STREAM! When I asked how they found the stream, they said it was listed on IB's homepage. Right on their homepage? I hadn't noticed that, considering I don't watch streams, so I likely ignored it. Add to that, that it shows in watchers' notifications, this looks very useful. So far, it's gotten more response than Twitter, Facebook and FA. It's a small scale, sure(2 viewers total that I know of & I don't know how the other found me), but it got a response on the first try, too! I'll likely keep using this feature permanently.

Another thing I've liked is the CONSTANT work on the website. Sure, I'm sure FA had constant work done when it was new too, but the features of IB also surpass those of FA currently. It's really a great site.

No, I'm not moving here, but I'll try it out from a poster's POV more. I might even start posting all my new comics here. I'm working out how I want to post my archive at the moment. I want to at least post starting at the current story arc so I'm not just posting in the middle of a story. I think the whole archive would be overkill. I'm very hesitant to start mirroring the comics to yet another site(my site, FA, my theme park in Second Life, and then to my site again in Spanish), but FA has been a great place for feedback and I think IB might have its own value as a mirror as well.

Another reason I'm choosing to mirror here is to help contribute to the ratio of art that's NOT cub porn. I know they'd like to be known for more than just cub porn, but various factors have really made this site attract more cub artists. Considering how great this site is for any type of art, I'm willing to help add to the variety of art on here. Maybe I'll stand out more, even!
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Added: 7 years, 7 months ago
7 years, 7 months ago
There's a script that can help you if you have work that you want to bring here to fill out your gallery. I believe it can even be used incrementally after an initial upload (although you'll be stuck with FA's size limits for files). Another option is bulk upload, but you'd need to re-enter details.

You can also use pools to organize your work  - or if you have multi-page comics you can upload them into a multi-page submission (but it seems like your strips are standalone).
7 years, 7 months ago
Heh, I actually started to mention that script as a likelyhood, but then I decided that importing every single submission wouldn't be all that good, considering the sheer mass of old stuff, plus there are non-comics at random spots in the gallery. With bulk upload, I can choose only the more recent comics & leave out the stuff that doesn't matter anymore. I'd be manually inserting the comics into their own pool anyway.
7 years, 7 months ago
I believe the script also lets you select which works you wish to import - but I haven't used it, so I could be wrong!
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