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Lucard Alton [Allegations Bio]

Name:  Lucard “Luca” Alton [Loo-card “Loo-cah” Ahll-tun]
Age:  18
Species:  NightMare Unicorn
Origin:  Romania
Position:  Submissive Bottom
Occupation:  None
Major:  Psychology, Ancient Civilizations

Interests & Likes:  
Psychology, Ancient Civilizations, Mythology & Folklore, Philosophy, Night Walks, Flowers, Ancient Architecture, Old Tomes, Reading, Wicca, Bondage, Some Pain

Fears & Dislikes:  
New Moons, Total Darkness, Mirrors & Reflections, His Parents, Electronics, Recorded Music, White Noise, High Pitched / Metallic Screeches, Teen / Young Adult Fiction

- Hair:  7”, Straight, White [Red when Arcane]
- Fur:  Sleek, White [Black when Arcane]
- Eyes:  Amber [White w/ Black Sclera when Arcane]
- Tail:  Medium Length, White [Red when Arcane]
- Height:  5’8”
- Weight:  105 lbs
- Frame:  Lithe, Slender, Compact
- Other:  Black, Intricate Pentagram “Tattoo” on the small of his back [White when Arcane]
- Penis:  Uncut, 8” long, 2” thick

Lucard has MPS [Multiple Personalities Syndrome].  His dominant personality is shy, soft-spoken, polite, and altogether virtuous, whilst his darker half [formally known as Arcane] is murderous, blood-thirsty, and destructive; it feels no pain.  Lucard knows of Arcane’s existence and how to stem its appearances, but does not know how to truly contain its influence or power.  It appears in his reflections, and as a faint shadow in photographs, or as a hissing, demonic voice in white noise.  It takes over Lucard, transforming him when he looks at the new moon, or whenever he is in true peril; a distinct, sharp metallic screech filling his ears as dominance is transferred.  Lucard constantly lives in fear for the lives of those around him.

Lucard came from a very wealthy, but cold and abusive family.  As far back as he could remember, Lucard’s father had molested him, and cruelly beat him if he ever disobeyed his orders.  As such, Lucard grew up in fear of his father, but with an eerie maturity around him.  When he was 16, he decided to try and put an end to his suffering by engraving an intricate, ancient pentagram onto his back, evoking a “protective magick”.  Later, in the same night during one of his father’s attempted molestations, Arcane was born.  It nearly killed Lucard’s father, before his mother stepped in, causing him to shift back.  His father stayed in critical condition for two months, because of the “bookshelf that fell on him and knocked him down the stairs”.  But never again did he ever touch Lucard.  Due to his past, however, Lucard developed a certain addiction to pain.  

Mate:  Nemo Penber

Yuri, Kalen, Luna, Rhysei, Alëksei
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