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Autumn Krieger [Allegations Bio]

Name:  Autumn Krieger
Age:  19
Species:  Cerval
Origin:  Australia
Position:  Dominant Bottom
Occupation:  Club Dancer
Major:  Fashion Design

Interests & Likes:  
Fashion, Teasing Boys, Rough Sex, Piercings, Some Cross-Dressing, Reading, Movies, Ballet, Hip Hop Dance, Jazz Dance, Contemporary Dance, Dancing Simulators, Video Games

Fears & Dislikes:  
Childish Behaviour, Bad Taste in Clothing, Bad Colour Schemes, The Idea of Being Poor, Camping, Rural Areas, Horror Movies

- Hair:  18”, Wavy, Sandy Blonde
- Fur:  Thick, Sandy, White Underbelly
- Eyes:  Hazel
- Tail:  Medium Length, Sandy w/ Black Spots & Rings, Black Tip
- Height:  5’7”
- Weight:  110 lbs
- Frame:  Lithe, Slender, Hourglass
- Other:  Heart Shaped Black Spot on left ass cheek
- Penis:  Uncut, 6” long, 1 ½” thick

Autumn is your stereotypical spoiled, bitchy, rich daddy’s boy.  He gets what he wants, without throwing a tantrum.  He often seems cold and very insensitive to anyone’s feelings but his own, but that is a front he puts up to hide his insecurities.  He likes to fool around and tease other boys, rather than tie himself down to one.  He began to find interest in guys when he was about 12.

Autumn’s mother died whilst in labour with him, but rather than have his father hate him for that fact, he loves him all that much more.  Autumn is almost exactly like his mother, in both appearance and in attitude, and because his father sees so much of his wife in Autumn, gives him whatever he wants.  Not, however, in a creepy incestual way, but in a “daddies little girl” manner.  He didn’t mind when Autumn came out to him; whatever made Autumn happy was alright with him.  Autumn went to a private school up until Grade 11, so his social skills are a bit more than lacking.  He often flips people off and goes on the offensive if they so much as glance at him wrong.

Mate:  None

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