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Kalen Shirohana [Allegations Bio]

Name:  Kalen Shirohana [Kah-lenn Shee-rroh-hah-nah]
Age:  18
Species:  Kitsune
Origin:  Japan
Position:  Submissive Bottom
Occupation:  Waiter
Major:  Music, General Arts

Interests & Likes:  
Visual Arts, Music Performance, Dancing, Acting, Poetry, Night, Raves, Fish, Fruit, Piercings, Candy, Swimming, Tennis, Track & Field, Video Games, J-Music, Techno, D&B, Dubstep, Hardstyle, Wicca

Fears & Dislikes:
Rape, Cigarettes & Cigars, Odd Numbers [Except 5], Basketball, Rugby, Dairy, Bullies, Rap & Popular Music, Homophobes

- Hair:  4-10”, Asymmetrical Wolf Cut, Straight, White
- Fur:  Thick, White, Black Socks
- Eyes:  Purple
- Tail:  Long, Bushy, Black Tip
- Height:  5’8”
- Weight:  115 lbs.
- Frame:  Lithe, Slender, Feminine Hips
- Other:  Black tip on right ear, 7 Rainbow Hoops
, Black Cage

- Penis:  Uncut, 7” long,  1½” thick

Kalen, though somewhat shy when around strangers, is an otherwise very bubbly individual.  He is very open about his sexuality; it shows in the swagger with which he walks.  He is very passionate about the arts; nearly all of his time is consumed by them.  Kalen has a very low tolerance for pain; likewise, he is very susceptible to verbal abuse.

Kalen’s life was once what he would consider perfect; a loving father and mother, a nice home, useful hobbies, and a closely-knit group of friends.  But at the age of 10, that all changed drastically.  During a break-in, Kalen’s father was murdered trying to protect his family.  Enraged, Kalen stabbed his father’s murderer dead, leaving him and his mother bawling until the police arrived the next day.  They moved to America after the incident, leaving behind their old life.  Long after these events passed, Kalen once again began to reconstruct his life, making friends again, and returning to his arts.  He discovered his sexuality at the age of 12, when his 16 year old neighbor introduced him to sex.

Mate:  Dante Stryfe

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