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F.E.A.R. 3 review

Well I just beat the game and I'm gonna state my opinion.

Graphics 2.5/5 The graphics are really average. Nothing special nothing great. The usual stuff you see. The levels don't really show much variety. It's really bland in that department.
Gameplay 0.5/5 The game is too linear and makes all aspects that made FEAR awesome pretty much useless. I tell you the problems for me.
Linearity - I find no enjoyment in shooting stuff. It feels like you're just going from point A to point B and shooting some soldiers. It's true that most FPS are like this but this one really takes it to the extreme.
Slo-Mo - The thing that made FEAR awesome. The fact that you could turn on slo-mo get out of cover and kill some replica soldiers while losing minimal health. In FEAR 3 it's basically useless. Why? Because you can just hide behind something and your health will regenerate ( higher levels give you more health and more health regen which makes it even more useless ) Slo-Mo has been reduced to nothing more but gaining points to get a higher levels. Usefulness in battle? It helps but you can easily beat the game without it.
The Fear Effect - The second thing that made FEAR awesome was the fact that it could give you a few scares. Which were awesome. FEAR 3 tries as well but fails miserably. Those are not scary. Nor freaky. Not anything. It's just... there.
The only thing scary bout this game how bad it is.
Shotgun - The most useless thing ever. While in FEAR 1 and FEAR 2 the shotgun would make a gooey mess out of any enemy that is foolish enough in FEAR 3 enemies can survive even up to 3 point blank shots. Sure you ripped the skin off his upper torso, you can see the facial skeleton and one arm is missing but that doesn't mean he's supposed to be dead right?
Difficulty - While pretty much 90% of the game can be done charging trough occasionally they will throw a Mech at you in open space with no cover that will make your life difficult. Apparently they didn't know a better solution.
Last Boss - The last boss is just insanely easy. Really easy. Rather pathetic. The easiest boss in video game history. I feel sorry for him.
Fettel - The only reason why it doesn't get a 0. Playing as Fettel is kinda cool. Still boring. But cool.
Music 1/5 Basically there is no audio department in this game. You get a few tunes during battle and explorations but they are really not noticeable. Also it tends to play scary music when there is nothing happening. Big minus. The only good thins is the Mother song during creadits.
Story 0/5 - There is no story. Really. It's just reusing the already established facts in an attempt to make something new. But it doesn't. It's cliche, It's expectable. It's boring.
Total 1/5 I was psyched when I saw FEAR 3 trailers. Game seemed good. What I got was a piece of ****. The game is bland, monotonous, feeble story, horrible combat, small amount of weapon variety and gets boring really soon. The Co-Op is rather enjoyable. But making a game fun in co-op is not really something special. By just playing co-op the games are more fun.
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Added: 7 years, 9 months ago
7 years, 9 months ago
another case for when great games go bad
7 years, 9 months ago
Are the graphics bad or Aesthetics bad?
7 years, 9 months ago
I said that the graphics are medium there and that the design is bland.
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