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Ok, so I keep commissioning people, and have to repeatedly hunt down reference images/sites/descriptions for Kilroy. It's getting annoying! So, I decided to make a journal that has the descriptions and references so that I can just link the journal to people! And it's handy so I can update any changes right away, rather than spend time trying to hunt down images.

Anyways, here goes!

First thing I should link to is a site on (link removed until another one resurfaces; geocities, the host of the page, is now gone! D:). Especially for those not too familiar with the dragons of Pern. Yeah, I know, I'm a firelizard, but the only real difference between the two is size and intelligence. But anyways, the most important feature for that is the eye color chart, showing what eye color will depict what moods. Not important if it's a black/white piece, but definitely if it's color! While I'm on the topic of eyes, I should note that while I do prefer they be the standard multifaceted eyes, I don't necessarily mind if it's just a regular eye, with the entire eye being colored (no pupils, like Rremly! Except my eyes are not pure white. Unless I feel I'm in serious danger (in which case I won't be sticking around for long! *poof!*). And failing that, regular eyes are ok, so long as the colors accurately represent the mood! I do prefer multifaceted/solid colored eyes though. What isn't pointed out in that site is that they glow. The stronger the emotion, the brighter the glow.

Now head references! Supposedly firelizards have little knobs where horns would grow or something. I've decided to take it a bit further than that and have something similar to horns. However, it's still hide-covered, so more of a bony structure than actual horns. Or something. As seen in the glowey-eyed reference, here (aww!), here, and here (NSFWboobs!). Also, here, which also shows off the spines or ridges or whatever along his back.

He's supposed to be bronze, but colors can range from bronze to gold to a slight orange or whatever. Just as long as he's near that color range (ie. I don't want to see him blue, or purple, or plaid, etc... Unless the situation warrants it, like some freak painting accident, or color swapping with another character, or whatever :P) If it helps, think of him as the color of a dullish penny! He does not have scales, but instead a smooth hide (but those familiar with Pern will know that anyways :P. However, he does have a spaded tail, as opposed to a forked tail that Pernese dragons have.

Hmm.. what else.. oh, size reference. He's larger than your average firelizard (and more intelligent! :P), generally about the size of a medium to large dog? Tail is slightly longer than usual as well. as seen here. Wingspan I suppose is larger than usual as well, but that's not something I enforce. Just so long as they don't look like he defies the laws of physics like a bumblebee, or be ridiculously large! :P

At some point I'll work out an actual length and wingspan, but for now hopefully that'll do!
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