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Rapidterrymon or Rapidterrimon

It's really not difficult to figure out what it means. A different ultimate level of Terriermon.
This is what happens when both Wallace (Willis) and I use DNA digimodify, and all four of us Digivolve together. Both our Terriermons end up combined, and become half Rapidmon half Terriermon.
We are taking on Diaboromon as the first couple battles fail. The four of us Digivolve together, and then end up kicking Diaboromon's butt back into the Digital-World.
The parts of the one series, which I know are coming. When I first had the idea, I hadn't a clue what to do with it. And when I finally started placing it together, I realized, explaining first how I met my Terriermon, was a necessary part. After battling Diaboromon, you know how Digimon return back right?
What else happens is, since that Wallace (Willis) is already a child, he is completely unaffected by this.
However, since that my character happens to be an adult, both my Terriermon, and I get shoved backwards, in sorts. Something with combining, and the Digimon together, makes my body go backwards too. I catch Terriermon, and Willis catches his, one step before that yet. To me, Terriermon just seems bigger at first, not having an idea what just happened. In a sitting position, I look down, to see my clothes appear three sizes too big. (See Case Closed, When He's First Pushed Backwards In Age.)
Surprised at how big my clothes are, without thinking, I stand up. My pants and underwear just fall off, as at first I'm paying no attention. I even step outa them.
"Hey that boy is naked!"
Screams someone, as I am naked from waist down. I finally look down and have a look.
This is, when ever I get to this part, about the only slightly inappropriate part which will be in this particular series... if you can call natural nudity inappropriate.
I look down, to balls which don't even look dropped... rather then taking the time for depressed feelings, of suddenly being this young again, I just sort of place Terriermon over myself.
"I am so sorry Terriermon.."
Something along that line.
"That's okay, at least I'm hiding your parts."
I look at Willis, he looks back.
"Ahm, this is kinda embarrassing."
I say to Willis.
"Besides that, you're body is now younger then mine."
Wallace? Blah blah blah, mom?
Bah bah.
"I have clothes which would probably fit you."
The blah blah part, is probably discussing (Summer Memory.) which is what it's called in the original Japanese version. I'll probably include a conversation with Wallace, where's I'm asking him about his Japanese. It's possible, that I'll write parts of that section, as if he used a little, as we were first talking.
Not understanding that I was originally from the same place as he himself.

His mom gives me some of Wallace's clothes, which don't fit properly, but will suffice since they're not fitting too overly large. In simpler words, his clothes are still too big, but not as bad as the clothes I had on previously. I had another problem as I stood there holding onto Terriermon in my arms.
Home. Since that now I was only just a child again, where could I call home.
Wallace's mom answers that, with also the request of Wallace. Being someone's baby brother sounded cool to me... even though, I was actually older then Wallace, just not physically anymore.
Do I ever get cured? Unknown.
So the adventures end up going to Wallace's place. I also end up back in school, which I don't really complain about, since I passed 12th with low grades to start with. But I also find myself getting mixed up with the rest, inside the Digital-World, and getting into trouble in the Digital world as well.

Pretty much, I start acting the age I physically am.

But those stories, I don't even have an idea for. I just know, things eventually get there.

Thanks Very Much For Reading.

Fieve... ;)
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7 years, 11 months ago
would like to hear more.
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