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(Hush, Little One) Rewrite

I've been going back and reading the stuff that I've written for HLO, and the more I do, the more I'm convinced that it needs to be rewritten.  At the time I originally conceived it, I wrote the majority of it in a couple of sit downs.  I was a bat possessed, driven to catch this fleeting glance of inspiration before it evaporated, never to be seen again.  I was eager to get it out in the open, and that was a mistake.

In the months since then I've come to approach writing more analytically, trying to wrap my brain around character motivation, pacing, theme, allegory, and a handful of other hip literary concepts.  HLO has made me a better writer (or at least more self aware) but the story itself is sophomoric and unrefined.  It needs revision, pure and simple.

"But Gobby," I can hear your nasally voices whine, "it's a yiffy cub story.  Y so serious?"  And to a certain extent, that's the biggest reason why it needs to be rewritten.  Yes, Hush was originally intended to be a smutty, genre bending fuck fest, a smorgasbord of horror and sex conceived on the coat tails of my new found love of Stephen King books and my ever-pervasive boner for chubby cubs getting reamed by hot, throbbing cawk.  

As I went on, trying to think of how I would continue the story after a couple of awkwardly paced smut scenes, I realized that the mythology I was starting to build and the story I wanted to tell could never be presented on the backdrop of what I had already written.  It would be like trying to lovingly render a landscape in oil only to notice that you had already plastered the canvas with infantile finger paintings.  It was necessary to do the finger painting to discover that you enjoyed it, but the effort was no longer acceptable.  At this point, the only thing to do is start anew.  

If you have enjoyed what I've written so far, I'd like to thank you for reading my fevered scribblings and assure you that they aren't going anywhere.  The revised work will be released as a whole in the future, and until it's presentable I'll leave the originals up for posterity or something.

Lessons to be learned:  (aka tl;dr)
1.)  If you're going to write a novel length work, don't submit each chapter as you write them.  You will want to change something later.
2.)  Know what you want to do from the get go.  Lengthy revisions are time wasters.
3.)  “The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.” ~Bertrand Russell.  If the muse hits you in the face with a claw hammer, to hell with planning, start creating.  Having something that needs to be revised is better than having nothing at all.
4.)  Contradictions are cool and edgy.
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7 years, 9 months ago
*hugs* =3
7 years, 9 months ago

Just kidding.  *hugs* :3
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