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How to save money and win elections.

This is truly bizarre.

As a lot of you may have surmised, I still live with my parents. I know the stereotype, but honestly: things are a bit different here. Unless you know several other young people, all with well-paying jobs for their age, willing to take up the burden of moving out, the real estate/rental market is just death in this city.

So I, like frankly 90% of the people I know, still live with parents (and help pay the mortgage). I don't like the status quo, but it's a little out of my hands at the moment.

One benefit is that bills and such are shared around, so the budget is far more manageable.
Yet, when my parents left me all alone for over a month, I actually saved money. A considerable amount.

In fact, I bought loads of beer and alcohol when they were away. Still saved money.
They get back, and here I am spending some of that money on things I've wanted for quite some time. STILL saving money.

But now all of a sudden I don't seem to give a damn about alcohol. For the most part, I've just quit.
No real desire to buy any. I might have a few vanilla vodka + cola drinks later, but that'll just be because I think it tastes better than actual Vanilla Coke (I got addicted to Vanilla Coke and suffered for it in high school; I've never been addicted to, or hurt by, booze or any other drug - think about that).

Now don't get excited, I doubt this'll be permanent. Though I'm just not finding any particular interest in drinking at the moment. Last alcoholic drink I bought was the night after my parents got back - it took me four days to finish them (six beers). Moment they got back I've pretty much gone teetotal.

I wonder how long it'll take me before my dickhead of a father drives me to drink just to stave off the depression.

You know. Optimism!
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Added: 7 years, 9 months ago
7 years, 9 months ago
I know how you feel about alcohol; I've got a couple liquor bottles gathering dust in the cabinet because I haven't touched them in months. About the only booze I have nowadays is a) sometimes when one of my friends comes over he'll bring along a few bottles of... of... damn, I can't even remember the name, it carries the Smirnoff brand but it's basically soda with alcohol instead of caffeine, "flavored malt beverage". b) my father's homebrewed beer whenever I go over to visit him. Tasty.

I'd never say "I don't drink" because that claim would be like a vegetarian who occasionally "cheats" or anybody else who claims they never do something when they do, just with a lot less frequency than most other people who do. But I've grown out of the "take every opportunity to experiment with booze" phase.
7 years, 9 months ago
Oh... you at home =^^"=
i hope your parents read your storys too *meow

but i like the idea... stay at home and share time with familie *purring*
my home is only for myself and my furry friends around they like to visit or stay =^^=

i wish you a big lotto win ^^
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