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Thoughts, purring at me....

(Only I would evoke an obscure Barnes & Barnes song, called "Cats"... Yay, Bill Mumy! ;) )

Well, let's see-- I've had several thoughts (and other things) of late, both good and bad, silly and somber... So, where do I begin? *sigh*

Well, for starters, my SSI Disability (~$200 already deducted, because I get room & board from my mother, whom I also pay her the same for the same-- Go figure-- It's quite fucked up!) has been reduced by another $15 (to $602) from the state portion of the payment, because California just can't get its act together... :P This means after bills, I'll be left with $45-$55 for me own spending for the month. :P I can't even file bankruptcy, because I don't have the $800+ it costs to do so... :P Yes, things are looking pretty sour right now. :(

(For those who don't know, I'm a congenital rubella survivor, and probably one of the oldest in the world since the '65-'66 rubella epidemic-- This means I have birth defects, mostly relating to heart, nerves, motor and sensory skills, as well as its effect on the brain-- Most CRS survivors end up with Down's and/or in a vegetative state....if they survive the heart defects. In my case, I do have a serious, but functional, heart murmur, with a low metabolic rate that keeps it from overloading-- with the consequence that I'm overweight and diabetic! Basically, what has kept me alive is killing me! :P On top of that, I'm completely blind in one eye, and poor vision in the other. My left inner ear is also defective, and I live with tinnitus in both ears. I'm not in good shape, and I don't expect too many years left-- 15 on the outside. Even still, I've lived far, far longer than I should've, as I wasn't expected to survive past 6 months, no later than 3 years of age. The fact I survive at all is why I do believe in God.)

This also means don't expect to see any new pictures here for a while, although I need to upload some old ones that were done for me several years ago by a friend who since has been...AWOL. This isn't to say I don't have picture ideas, but right now, forget about commissioning-- It just ain't gonna happen. :(

(If you're here for the pics-- Surprise! I'm a writer, not a visual artist! :P )

But there are others with more pressing needs-- Help there before you even consider helping me. :(

On the brighter side, I'm still bouncing around story ideas, amongst them, a thorough skewering of a couple popular TV game shows...with SQUIRRELS! :) Also, I'm seriously considering writing my first real cub-sex story involving Amy (my mouse character), a raccoon scout (y7es, hetero sex with a lesbian! :P ) and a comedy of errors-- Whether I get to writing it, who knows, and whether I post it publicly or +friends-only, I haven't decided just yet... (And I'm well-aware some of my +watchers won't read it, because of the content.) Other ideas- mostly involving squirrels, for some reason- having been popping in and out of my head-- Only time will tell what acorn takes root! :P

I might describe some of the picture ideas later, just so others would know what's been in my head.

Meanwhile, I still have lotsa responses I've had backlogged here for the past month (once I get the time and energy), so just as you should know, no, I'm not ignoring anyone-- Just please, have patience with me. :P

And soon, I should be having my next Writing Challenge, just in time for my mother's 65th birthday, and for National Baked Bean Month. *farrrrp!* Puts me in the mood for a can of Bush's Country Style right now! *yum!* (yes, that really is my favourite flavour of baked beans, which I do like.)

Until next time (and hopefully not an annoyance)....

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Added: 8 years, 1 month ago
8 years, 1 month ago
WOW, both of us are true survivors. Good to see both of us alive. ^^

Speaking of Bill Mumy, after hearing about Wild Man Fischer's death, I immediately watched the documentary "Derailroaded" and listen to the double album Zappa produced for him. Fun fact: (King) Solomon Burke (also gone too soon) christened him "Wild Man." :P
8 years, 1 month ago
...so SSI doesn't know the difference between rent and a gift? What a bunch of mooks!
8 years, 1 month ago
Annoyance?  Never.

Eh, might as well shake the tree and see what nuts fall out.  Perhaps you'll inspire yourself into doing something or maybe you'll give someone an idea to run away with, bury, and forget where they hid.  You won't know what grows until you actually sit down and start hammering at those keys.  How's Ilene's coming-of-age ceremony coming along, by the by?

I was a miracle baby, too.  Out of the pregnancies my mother had, I was the only one that didn't miscarry (I was somewhere in the middle).  A later surgery revealed that the reason for the miscarriages was apparently a cyst in her uterus.  Fortunately, I have no disabilities or birth defects I know of.
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