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Con Report: Philly Comic Con (a.k.a. WWPhilly) 2011

This year’s trip to WizardWorld Philly (or Philly Comic Con or whatever it’s called now) was n interesting one. First, let me get the Bad/Strange part of the “Interesting” out of the way.

At the tail end of Day One, I somehow lost my phone at the convention center. It was picked up by one of the cleaning staff and turned in. I know this because my friends and I tried looking for it hours after when we thought it was simply missing in the car.
When we show up for Day Two, we start our search for the phone. I was bounced back and forth between various staffers - both event and convention center - in an attempt to track it down. One of them had actually spotted it earlier that morning. As helpful as they were, it was nowhere to be found and I pretty much chalked it up as lost. Later that night, I somehow left my hat at the restaurant we hit up. At this point I’m pretty much batting a thousand. -.-
Day Three rolls around an my buddies suggest doing one last check for the phone. Sure enough, it pays off! I was all set to walk away with it… but I had to ID it as mine first. It had a dead battery so looking through the numbers was a bust. I had the service turned off so calling it wouldn’t have worked either. The only thing that saved me was having my car charger on me and the trusting nature of the staff. I also walked away with a good rule for cell phones: When all else fails, know your SIM card. It’s the easiest way to ID a lost phone in a pinch.

Now for the Good part of the “Interesting”!

Having been recently paid, I was more than happy to hit the road to Philly. My buddies and I hit the road earlier than I was expecting on Thursday (which delayed my inking and posting my strip). We hit a little traffic in NYC but yeah… it’s the City. We’re used to it. = P

Day One was a trip. Way busier than a usual Friday and was a pretty good indication of the weekend in general. I did my usual rounds around Artist Alley - Plan out who I’ll hit up first for buying stuff, figure out who I’ll buy from the next day and shoot the shit with the regular faces. Finally got to see Chandra Free (a.k.a Spooky Chan) and pick up a copy of The God Machine. Having been a fan of her work for a while now, I think I may have spooked her a bit. If that’s the case, I’m so sorry!
I also got a chance to grab the rest of The Underburbs comics that I was missing. Again, an outstanding book with a neat premise that needs more love from folks.

Day Two was pretty good. More products bought, more folks talked to, more shocked and amazed artists as I kept my word and dropped by their tables again to pick stuff up. My friends and I got into the Bruce Campbell Q&A panel. My god that man is funny. = )
My art friend and I hit up a digital art panel with Greg Horn shortly before that. It was neat but nothing new. I did get to check out Greg’s work which was well worth it as I never did find his table.

Day Three was your general wrap-up day. No panels, just chatting it up with the artist folk and picking up the last things on my list of stuff to get. I went pretty overboard this year but it was mostly on books and showing a little love to some great artists.

The Breakdown
Days Spent: 3
Cash Spent: A little under $400. Thankfully, I paid my bills Before the trip. -.-
Posters/Pics: 4
T-Shirts: 3. One came free with a book.
Hardcover Books: 5. 2 sketchbooks, 3 comic volumes.
Paperbacks/Floppies: 13. 1 sketchbook, 2 comic volumes, 10 single issues.
Stickers: 2.
Missing Hats: 1
Robin to Batman ratio: 4:1

All in all, a very cool yet very expensive con for me. It was worth the expense for the time to chill with a couple of friends I don’t normally get to chill with that often to work/life/other situations. = )
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