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I got Alice Madness Returns and why Fable 3 sux

Yeah. Got my Alice few days ago but I only started playing it today because it came with the original Alice as well so had to beat that first XD So far the game looks pretty great.
And I also beat Fable 3. That game is really disappointing. I tell you don't waste your money on this game. Just borrow it from someone or get a pirated version. That's how bad it is. Why? I'll tell you why.
1: The Great Plot Twist ( spoilers )
Once you get your brother off the throne and become the king yourself you found out that he was just doing that to prevent The Creeper and his darkness to take over the Albion and you got to do it now. Well duuuuuuuh I thought that was pretty obvious once you got to Aurora. This kind of stuff should surprise you and you should not be able to see them coming from miles away.
2: Battle System
The game is too easy. You can not die. If you die only thing you lose is your progress to the next seal but you can get more than enough those to open chests in road to rule by just completing quests so no loss there. Battles? Ridiculous. You got 3 battle styles from which only one is useful.
Melee - Unless you got a nice legendary hammer and big melee rank don't even bother. Because when you attack enemies they will go into block mode and block every attack and then his buddies will really hurt ya. The only way to counter those is to use flourishes. They do kill the block but also knock the foe to the ground and you have to wait for them to get back up before you can attack them again. Sure you can execute an enemy on the floor but his buddies will most likely stop you from that.
Magic - I do have to admit two gauntlets and combining magic sure is fun and has great visual effects but in battles? Useless. Once you charge your spell to max your health will be blinking red.
Range - Now this is the only thing you need really. Just get a pistol ( I prefer pistol coz it fires faster ) and start spamming attack button along a few dodges and you'll kill everything without any problems. And if you're using Holy Vengeance your health gets restored as well. At the end i didn't even have to dodge attacks to kill enemies with this.
3: Demon Doors
There's only 6 of them and they are really really really REALLY easy to figure out how to open.
4: Repetition
The quests are really a lot alike. The only quest I really find interesting is The Game
5: Outfits
Now this game has no defense rating and that really sux. The outfits are only for visuals. You get the same damage whether you go fighting in your boxers or in warrior armor.
6: The Final Boss ( spoiler )
The final boss is really disappointing. I was expecting to fight The Creeper while he blasts magic balls at you and summoning his horde of shadows. Maybe even turn your whole screen black so you have to fight the last part of the battle in total darkness. But nooooooo. What you get is Walter possessed by The Creeper. Maybe you're supposed to feel sorry for having to kill Walter but c'mon that's a really old cliche and used up. The only thing I feel sorry about is how easy the poor sod is. All attacks he has is his sword and a shockwave. Or at least that's all I saw. All you have to do is use a time slow potion ( which you should have tons by now ) get behind him and unleash a pistol rapid fire and he is gone in no time.

I'm sorry to say it but Fable 1 is thousand times better, playable and funner than Fable 3. The only thing Fable 3 is better at is the graphics which is really sad. In my opinion this game was just made to get some easy money while exploiting a popular game series.
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Added: 7 years, 12 months ago
7 years, 12 months ago
wow i played the Demo and thought the game was pretty good i guess it's the more you play
7 years, 12 months ago
In my personal opinion you should waste your money on a different game if you plan on buying Fable 3.
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