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My first cub slave story, commentary.  (Please read my story before reading this)

So, I wanted to write a commentary for my first story, sort of an explanation on my characters and how everything functions and my thoughts on it.

Looking through it again, I have made some minor grammar errors.  Most of this is because I use Microsoft Word, which has a very....ineffective grammar and spelling checker, so I hope I am forgiven and I will edit as my errors are made clear to me, whether through myself or another.

As I have said, my story was mostly inspired by [iconname]KhellSennet[/iconname] and some of the ideas were ripped off, but I wanted something deeper and more emotional, empathetic, if you will, of what James went through.

First off, much of my writing portrays the main anthro characters as having instincts and natures similar to their real-life feral counterparts.  The most obvious one is wolves being pack and family based animals.  I always found the phrase 'lone wolf' to be a little contrary to what they really are.  The only time wolves are on their own is when they have left the pack and are searching for a mate to start their own family.  So,  the sudden and complete lose of James' family would naturally hit him extremely hard.  I decided to even add a point were younger wolves put through such stress can even be suicidal to help reinforce the concept, which shows how dark and abysmal James' situation truly is.

His resistance to Beatrice's punishment was a result of both his parents and his spirit.  Real wolves, while loving of their children, do, like humans, have rules around the den, and punishments for breaking those rules, so James had indeed been disciplined before.  In addition, since wolves are family based, he believed his parents and older siblings would not ignore his kidnapping, hunting the thieves relentlessly to save their pup, which heightened his spirit.  These two combined helped him withstand Beatrice's punishments.  His spirit is probably truly demonstrated in his attempt to escape.  However, when he is brought to earth of his family's murder, his spirit is immediately shattered.

I think I will expose the other characters more in my next chapter.  But it is still in the works, right now.  So, enjoy what I have now!
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Added: 7 years, 11 months ago
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