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Grownups stuck in the playground

Sometimes it amazes me to see so many members of this fandom behave like little children.  I know all of us have our own little issues and stuff, but some of the behavior is more like grade school playground level.  For crying out loud we have furs that hate other furs all because they happen to have a different point of view.

For example the artist LAKenji blocked me all because we have conflicts over the Broccoli character "made" by Sciggles.  He believes that there is no problem with the character because its just a parody of Allan's fursona, while I believe that Sciggles had no right to "make" this parody because she didn't have Allan's permission.  These differing point of views are kinda petty, yet LAKenji blocked me like I was trying to shove my opinion down his throat.  This action is pretty grade school, and kinda goes along the lines of "I don't like you because you like pineapple gummy bears and I don't."

Opinions are just opinions people.  We are all free to think how we want.  Just because someone has a different opinion about things, it doesn't mean you should tease them or place them into your fuck you list.  Do me and LAKenji have to see eye to eye?  Not really.  Do I hate him in any way?  No.  Do I think of him as an asshole?  No.  Immature maybe, but not an asshole.

The next time you come across a person who thinks or does things in a different way than you, try to get past the barriers and find things you have in common with one another; and not act like a little kid and alienate them.  Because hey- the world does that to us enough already.
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Added: 7 years, 9 months ago
7 years, 9 months ago
Amen to that! ^^ :D

I couldn't believe Kenji is 26. D: *covers left side of face with paw, eye peeking out between the pinky and ring finger* *snickers* "Na na na na boo boo you're a bitch." or something.  Lol, I dont know, but if that wasn't a drama-provoking move, I don't know what is.  I called him on it though and got things squared off.

That said, Sciggles' veggiedogs are also drama-provoking.  She started that last November and many others joined in.  Even though it's just art, the agony Allan was in that night was VERY REAL!  The fact Sciggles even wanted to sell T-shirts of Broccoli is unquestionably cruel.  Again, it's just art, but it's how people would use the parody art to try and hurt Allan at Anthrocon (by poking fun of him IRL, getting in his face and pointing out that they are wearing a "broccoli" shirt and "this character never stole from anybody shock/horror/dramallama", etc).  I mean, is Sciggles really that cruel and manipulative, or does she thrive on drama, or is she just plain stupid?

That said, I think Allan actually had a laugh over Kenji's parody pic.  And, that reaction surprised me, but in a good way. ^^ Drama-free. :D Happy and smiling - THAT'S the Allan I know.  If only there's a way to get Allan to see the humour in the face of adversity, y'know?
7 years, 9 months ago
The sad thing is however that a lot of people in the fandom behave like they never got out of grade school, and tell people they hate the drama when they themselves are adding to it.  Sciggles can preach that she isn't causing drama til she's blue in the face, but the reality is that her shirts were made for the sole purpose of having the derps that hate Allan say "You mad Allan?  'Cause he ain't!" and point at Broccoli.

I see that pic Kenji drew as a double edged sword- It struck at Allan, but also took a swing at Sciggles too.  I believe he "dedicated" the pic to me so in the event that if Allan did get pissed off by it, he would lash out at me instead of Kenji.  After all he did hear that Allan himself said on furcast that its hard to trust some people because of all the drama flying around, so Kenji may have tried to use that as a trump card. (which didn't work).  Kenji stated that the pic was meant to be a joke, but Allan and I agree that he doesn't know how to joke.  Because if you want to joke, you have to do it right.  If not, then it just causes problems.
7 years, 9 months ago
dealt with over 25 of them myself. bitches always baw about shit that dont work their way dont they? -_-; Not my fault haters bawlete me from their IMs over that. *noses*
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